BeatCleaver Update Makes Beat Slicing Easier Than Ever

Developer Albert Santoni let us know about a a major update to Oscillicious BeatCleaver that is designed to make beat slicing faster and easier than ever.

Here’s what they have to say about the update:

With new support for MP3 and AAC formats, sampling from existing songs and recordings has never been easier. DJs can now easily save loops from songs to use with sampler decks and artists can cut samples for remixes and mashups.

The new Advanced Slicing menu facilitates slicing audio by fixed bars or beats, perfect for chopping multi?track exports for live resequencing.

The update also adds fluid zooming. Here’s a quick demo of the changes:

Santoni also let us know about an open source library that they’ve been working on:

In partnership with Mixxx, the free DJ software, we’ve released an open
source library for decoding compressed audio in a cross-platform way
called “libaudiodecoder”. This library grew out of the common needs of
both projects, and we hope it’ll help other audio developers too.

BeatCleaver now ships with libaudiodecoder for enhanced audio format support.

BeatCleaver 1.2 is available now for US $15 /13 EUR. It’s a free update for existing users.

If you’ve used BeatCleaver, let us know what you think of it!

2 thoughts on “BeatCleaver Update Makes Beat Slicing Easier Than Ever

  1. How to do this for free and with more precision.
    Open DAW,import song ,open bpm counter,adjust the tempo(clock) so that it’s the same tempo as the bpm counter shows,align the first beat with the grid,now set up a loop ,zoom in for cutting with more precision!
    Now you can compare with the DAW’s metronome.
    If you take the song and the first beat and you do maximum zoom in,you can set the first beat very exactly with the grid.
    You can also set the playhead on the grid if you want for reference where you want to cut.
    Also the cut on playhead option in logic is very fast and handy.
    I think the zoom option Logic is better than Beatcleaver.
    Once you get this it’s maybe faster than beatcleaver.

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