FL Studio 10.5 Available For Beta Testing – Here’s What’s New

Image Line has announced that FL Studio 10.5 (beta) is now available to registered customers for testing.

Here’s what’s new in FL Studio 10.5 (beta):

  • Performance Mode – Trigger Clips using your mouse, touch screen, typing keyboard or MIDI controller.
  • New controllers supported – APC20/40, Launchpad, Block, Maschine / Maschine Mikro, padKONTROL.
  • Unique controller MIDI input port – Controllers can now be assigned unique input & output ports for feedback.
  • Linking includes MIDI input port – Links now use MIDI input ports to avoid conflict between controllers.
  • New Content Library – The content library has received a complete overhaul based on user input.
  • Options > Project general settings > Play truncated notes in clips – Restores notes overlapping slice points in Pattern Clips.
  • Horizontal/Vertical movement locking – Shift (horizontal lock) & Ctrl (vertical lock) when moving items.
  • Piano roll click & hold functions – Glue notes, Mouse wheel velocity change, Mouse wheel tool select.
  • Piano roll – Brush tool: Monophonic step mode (hold shift for old behavior). Chop chords: Strum & Articulate tools.
  • Improved Tap Tempo & Fine control – Updated algorithm + nudge control for Performance Mode.
  • Instrument Channels – Ctrl+mouse wheel on Channel button to change the mixer track.
  • Stay open sub-menus – Right click to check several menu items without closing them.
  • Plugin Picker – Start typing plugin names to highlight entries.
  • Right-click data enter – Most controls now allow a Right-click option to type in values.

If you’ve used the new version of FL Studio, let us know what you think of it!

23 thoughts on “FL Studio 10.5 Available For Beta Testing – Here’s What’s New

  1. Still no 64 bit, if ever!
    If you paid for the free updates and demos for life scheme, it’s a welcome freebie.
    Once Windows 64 bit only comes out, or everyone is on a 64 system, why bother down bitting?
    There are so many better choices for DAWS for lower prices with better workflow and features that are 64 bit. And the cost of the upgrades is the same as any demos you would ever buy into with Image-Line.
    Image-Line preys on the naive and new.

  2. am i an idiot, or does this seem ridiculously complicated from a workflow pov? i always here that fl is good for people who want to get started with computer music, but i’ve been using other “more complicated” programs for years and everytime i try to give fl a go it makes my nose bleed.

    1. That’s because it never really had any design philosophy or plan from the beginning. They just took a shareware drum machine and start tacking on features for ten years and here we are.

  3. What is the lightest daw on the market nowadays?

    I’ve tried Ableton; Reason; Cubase (years ago); and I’be been using FL Studio, but I’m sick of it, really. Need something more light, pretty, and clean.

  4. Bruce: i suggest you try Presonus Studio One Free its very intro and very pretty

    On topic:
    Why knock FL Studio for changing a bit ? Adapt and enjoy

    Can we cut the useless snobbish bitch talking already, if you don’t like it then find something else worth while.
    Or if you can do a better product be my guest


    1. This rocket scientist will figure it out once Windows is 64 bit only and it no longer runs 32 bit applications. Then maybe it will sink in, until then the snobbery comments are out of your ignorance. You say adapt, while Image-Line fails to do so. Interesting one way street of naive ramblings of a fan boi.

      1. Windows 32bit can still run 16bit applications, what makes you believe that every 32bit software won’t run at all in 64bit Windows?

        You should be better informed instead of being insulting, .. maybe you don’t know how?

        ..rocket scientist pfft lol

    1. Until Windows stops running 32 bit applications.
      Just like when Vista came out and stop running 16 bit applications.
      But that would require you to research a little bit about what the hell you’re talking about.
      Trendy people with trendy talk using a trendy program out of trendiness, how trendy.

      1. Wow you really put a lot of energy into this, you really must hate FL Studio a lot to waste all this time badmouthing it.

    2. Because 32 bit can only see 3.5 gig of ram which is a massive limitation these days as most computers can handle A LOT more ie i have 32 gig.

  5. As a user of Fruity Loops since version 3.1

    I was looking down this list and must have said the word FINALLY!!! at least seven times.

    Midi routing and midi in general has always been the weak point in FL and as a user of hard synths as well as soft I have had to put FL on the sidelines as a program for so many things. Now i can do lot more and maybe even use it live?

      1. You should call yourself “boohoo” because “blah” isn’t descriptive enough of your attitude.

        Unless you come up with valid arguments to back up your claims? Can you do that?

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