Tap Dancing With The Korg Wavedrum Mini

Here’s a fun video that demonstrates the potential of the sensor clip of the Korg Wavedrum Mini:

AskA from TAPJAMCREW is joined by drummer Ryo Kanda as they show off some more examples of “Tap meets Technology” by using Wavedrum Mini’s unique sensor clip to transform his dance platform into a musical instrument.

The Wavedrum Mini comes with a sensor clip that can be attached to surfaces or objects and used to transform them into percussion instruments.

via KorgUSAVideos

6 thoughts on “Tap Dancing With The Korg Wavedrum Mini

  1. I’m glad I stuck with it, that first bit was a mess, but the second was great! Skip ahead to around 2:00 if you get bored.

    This is a brilliant idea. I’d love to see this explored with some of the similar Ardunio-based MIDI devices that have been featured here, because apparently the Wavedrum samples suck.

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