Nord Drum Virtual Analog Drum Synth (Review)

In this video review, Nick Batt takes a look a the Nord Drum – a new virtual analog drum synth that was introduced at the 2012 NAMM Show:

“The Nord Drum is certainly a usable little unit, with the range of sounds on board even with the limited number of Tone waves, it will find a home in many a drummers arsenal as a way to enhance an acoustic setup or perhaps as a drum aspect to an electronic music setup. Its a shame that it was not possible to extend the wave palette more and give it a stereo output.”

See Nick’s full review of the Nord Drum analog drum synth at the Sonic State site.

9 thoughts on “Nord Drum Virtual Analog Drum Synth (Review)

  1. You get THREE seven-segment LEDs!

    The Tempest costs four times as much and doesn’t have any seven-segment LEDs at all.

  2. Its….erm, average at best, but its red and has Nord printed on the front, or just buy a 2nd hand Korg ER-1 ????????????

    1. Korg ER-1 isn’t really a valid comparison, since it can’t take drum triggers, doesn’t handle velocity and is nowhere near as sophisticated as this as a synth.

  3. VERY Disappointing. Two secondhand Nord MicroModulars would do a much better job of this and allow up to 4 individual outputs. All for approximately the same price.

  4. Some of you guys aren’t getting it. I bought one of these and love it … NOTHING I have tried that is on the market provides the same customization of sounds (from natural to synthetic), responsiveness, trigger-to-MIDI, compactness, and affordability. The only thing I really miss is stereo out, and a software editor/librarian (which could be coming?).

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