Korg microMadness Global Video Contest

Korg has announced a contest for microKorg & microKorg XL owners, the  microMADNESS Global Video Contest:

Musicians can enter Korg’s microMADNESS Video Contest by creating and posting an original YouTube video that explains, demonstrates, or illustrates how their microKORG or microKORG XL motivates them to perform at their best and/or what the product means to them.

A panel of international Korg judges will score each entry on its fun factor, entertainment value, creativity, originality and maybe -but not necessarily- musical substance. KORG will select the top four winners and a special Korg artist will announce the winners on October 1st, 2012.

The top four winners will each receive the very first (serial no. 1) of a yet-to-be-released Korg product, and have their winning video appear on Korg’s website and social network pages. Additional prize details will be announced in early September 2012.

Entries will be accepted though 11:59pm ET September 18th, 2012.

9 thoughts on “Korg microMadness Global Video Contest

    1. I saw that, too, but don’t be too hard on Korg, I believe they are trying to have fun with these contests. They just had a similar contest for the Monotron line, the winners are announced over at the Korg website. FYI, one of the grand prize winners used a Monotron to construct a 90 part (!) symphonic rendition, using Monotrons, of Brahms Symphony #1, opus 68. From what I heard of it, it was a little squeaky and tin sounding, but there was some “musical substance” there.

      1. Yeah, what he said. I like Korg’s idea of innovations and I’ve played their gear since I got my first DW8000, so I admit a bias here. I also wrinkle my nose a bit at a few things, don’t we all? The truth is, its just splitting hairs to really HATE a company. Almost all of them have hits and misses, as well as some real bell-ringers. Up to a point, I can hear a difference between a Korg, a Nord and a Roland, but that’s no different than leaning towards a tenor sax over a clarinet. Its simply about what speaks to you. I hear killer goods from even rigs that look goofy to me, so stay flexible. Remember, a few months back, a kid played a ukelele version of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” and blew people away. No plug-ins or Kaoss pads, just a uke.

    1. Well, I mean, you still have a kick-ass synthesizer AND it has full-size keys. You just don’t have a contest. Two out of three ain’t bad.

    1. I’m still waiting for a Mystery Instrument that covers both worlds: a traditional keyboard AND a super-Star-Trek aspect that “everyone” can latch onto readily. As a synth guy, I play with my ears FIRST, but I’m still dedicated to actual keys. Someone who started from a Monome may hold a keyboard at arm’s length, but they’re still getting that innovative edge I’m missing because a grid of buttons doesn’t speak to me much. iPads & MiniBrutes aren’t good enough; I demand absolute, unimaginable science-fiction perfection or I’ll stomp my tiny hooves, snort and pout like a 13-year-old cheerleader. (Actually, I’ll buy a Samson Graphite controller, see a notable jump in my work flow and be glad of it.)

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