HyperSpace 3D Synthesizer For iPhone

The Strange Agency has introduced a new software synth for iOS, HyperSpace.

HyperSpace, a ‘waveform-sculpting 3-D oscilloscope synth’ is the latest edition of TSA’s Space series.

HyperSpace uses a unique algorithm to generate images from sound. It works similarly to a harmonograph, but uses its 3 voice oscillators instead of pendulums to create images.

Each oscillator is mapped to a dimension in 3-D space. Playing a single note creates a wave, like on an ordinary oscilloscope. Playing two notes at once creates a plane as with the harmonograph, and playing a three note chord creates a volume.

There are two oscillators to crossfade between. These can be set to standard shapes as with older synths, but HyperSpace also lets you sculpt the waves with touch. Changing the wave shapes of course alters the sound, but it also alters the generated imagery.

Here’s a preview of HyperSpace 3D:


  • Selectable keyboard scales
  • Fat keys option for fat fingers
  • Three voice polyphony
  • Two LFO modulators
  • Lowpass filter effect
  • Echo effect
  • Audio Copy
  • iTunes file sharing
  • Works on iPad and iPhone 4s/4/3GS

HyperSpace 3D is $.99 in the App Store. If you’ve used HyperSpace 3D, let us know what you think of it.

5 thoughts on “HyperSpace 3D Synthesizer For iPhone

  1. Can anybody post a more melodic use of this ?
    I had to kill the video after 20seconds in.., too much for the ear to take

    How would one use this as a instrument ?
    Genuine question

    1. I’m having fun just doing droney stuff with it and one finger. It sounds pretty cool through my iPhone speaker; kinda distorted with polyphony but really pleasing – Similar to a Tim Hecker sound off of Ravedeath, 1972.

  2. These guys come up with some very original synths – but they always seem a bit unfinished, like they didn’t take into account what musicians would want to do with them.

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