How to Build A Custom MIDI Controller

In the video below, controllerist Moldover explains, step-by-step, the evolution, design, and building of his custom Mojo MIDI controller:

The Mojo controller is now an open source project. Details are available at 60 Works. If you’re concerned about getting your Mojo working, 60 Works also sells assembled Mojo controllers for $1999.

9 thoughts on “How to Build A Custom MIDI Controller

  1. ok im on the phone and cannot see the video ( slow 2g connection)
    but asking $1999 is a joke or typo, right?

  2. It’s nice to see that people have some free time on their hands.

    $1999 ??????

    HAHAHAhahahahaahaaa….. HAhaahaaahaahaahaaa!! I want some of what he’s been smokin’!!

  3. I wouldn’t be so concerned about a $1999 price tag, that’s about double a Maschine and if you don’t want mass produced ‘same old’ then you got to pay for the parts and this chaps time, a custom controller would be far more interesting rather than another of these Mojo controllers, would pay more for that. The thing that concerns me most is the chaps haircut, I don’t trust a guy with hair like that, he also plays it like the Cat off Red Dwarf, that concerns me most

  4. I respect that he likes controllers and wants to be a prophet to preach the world about controllerism. However, Most people who “Go off” on a controller become the 80s cliche of a bad guitar solo. I would also go so far to say a controllerism routine often ends up like some cute drawing from a 2 year old.
    As far as 2k for that controller, that is way too much for just having something different. For his custom controller.. price is not an issue for himself… because its a fullfilling experience for him. I respect that a lot. The video is cool for the simple fact that it might inspire someone to make a controller who needed a little overview. Sadly… no one will ever remember this guy

  5. handcrafted non mass production stuff will always be VERY expensive. but this is open source, so build one yourself and see how much time and money it will take. eventually you’re gonna waste about 600 bucks and never finish it cause you’re stuck somewhere. anyway – i’d prefer a big monome if i was about to spend a lot of money on a controller…

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