Free Audio-Controlled Synth For Mac – SineVibes Oscillator

SineVibes has released Oscillator – an audio-controlled synthesizer for the Mac – as a free download.

Oscillator is an AudioUnit effect plugin that lets you turn any audio into sci-fi effects, glitches and noises. It is based on a multi-waveform oscillator with up to six voices and variable frequency stepping, whose parameters are modulated using the input signal’s dynamics.

The oscillator output can then be processed via effects which include ring modulator, sample rate degrader and bit crusher. This lets Oscillator turn any audio signal into a wide variety of sounds and effects.

Oscillator is a free download at the SineVibes site.

via SineVibes on Twitter

2 thoughts on “Free Audio-Controlled Synth For Mac – SineVibes Oscillator

  1. Hi
    I’m looking for a pc (pref Mac or Linux based) audio oscillator for a school project for my neigbours son.
    We need to generate a sine wave in the mid audio range say 500-5000 hz that is stable but controllable a few hz at a time. The idea is to be able to fed the sine wave into some coils and capacitors and resistors to plot the output, simple stuff but we need to be able to use a pc not my audio oscillator as the school does not allow outside kit! So could we use SineVibes or can you recommend any other program.

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