The Akai Pro Max49 Control Keyboard (In-Depth Sneak Preview)

Akai Pro just released this series of videos, which take an in-depth look at the Max49 USB MIDI/CV Keyboard Controller.

The Akai Pro Max49 was one of the most interesting introductions at this year’s NAMM Show, because it offers a unique combination of MPC pads, LED faders and control voltage output.

The first video, above, offers an introduction to the main features of the Max49.

The next video looks at pads, keys & the arpeggiator:

The third video looks at using the Akai Pro Max49 control voltage outputs to drive analog gear:


  • 49 semi-weighted keys with Aftertouch for complete musical expression
  • Built-in step sequencer for detailed track construction
  • Expanded arpeggiator with latch and time division controls
  • Included AkaiConnect software automatically maps to VST plugins
  • 12 backlit, real MPC pads with MPC Note Repeat and MPC swing
  • Eight backlit LED touch faders for gradual or instant parameter value changes
  • Four pad banks & four fader banks provide a total of 80 assignable pads & faders
  • CV & Gate outputs for use with vintage analog synths (1V/Oct)
  • Large, centrally-positioned transport controls & rubberized pitch and modulation wheels
  • Mackie Control & HUI modes provide instant compatibility with many DAWs

7 thoughts on “The Akai Pro Max49 Control Keyboard (In-Depth Sneak Preview)

  1. this thing is a sexy midi controller, the only thing as hot rod as this is that nektar panorama thing for reason.

    im not typically a fan of that “C” cheek shape that akai uses on some of their products but it looks really good from all angles here.

    other than looks, it is definitely a next gen. controller.

    1. I love the features on this & the price seems fair, too. The color doesn’t do anything for me, though. Superficial maybe, but I’d like to see this is black!

  2. These are already out in Australia as of Friday (27/4). I picked one up, its a great controller. The pads are epic responsive and the faders are a great replacement for knobs, as you can change multiple parameters at once using one hand. Contains profiles for pretty much every DAW imaginable, and has a plug-in wrapper application to direct control VSTs. Pick it up when you see it!

  3. Hey…a newbie here…so if I take my Crumar Performer and hook it up to this thing…will the Max49 basically convert sounds to midi? That is….Crumar > Max49 > DAW ?

    Little confused…thanks!

    1. Not at all, though you could play the Crumar with the CV/gate out of the Max49, but only monophonically. It’s very difficult to convert pitch to midi, as midi isnt sound, it is note messages. Besides, you dont want to be using a string machine for a controller, it’s already an instrument.

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