Livid Intros Instruments Builder V2

Livid Instruments has introduced Builder v2, the second generation of its MIDI Brain system.

Livid Builder is a line of DIY parts that make it easy for you to design your own MIDI control surfaces and devices, using buttons, knobs, encoders, velocity pads, arcade buttons, accelerometers, faders, other sensors, and talkback LED’s.

The Omni Board allows you to easily configure and create a MIDI control device using modular circuit boards that can be organized and arranged into customized setups and configurations.

Brain v2 expands the original Brain with a lot more functionality. Here’s what they’ve got to say about Brain v2:

We’ve added the Brain v2 Bus Board that make it easy to connect your controls to the Brain.

We expanded LEDs from 48 to 192 with added circuitry for extra brightness.Encoders can now be used with led encoder ring support. RGB LEDs can also be used to greatly enhance your possibilities. We’ve also added a 5v power jack for standalone operation without a computer. Velocity sensitive pads and can also be used with version 2.


  • Brain v2 $189
  • Omni Board $15

See the Livid site for details.

2 thoughts on “Livid Intros Instruments Builder V2

  1. Cool but quite expensive compared to other DIY MIDI options out there.
    I need more clarity on the advantages of the Livid Builder v2 over something like a Teensy

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