Miselu Neiro App Sneak Preview

Remember the Miselu Neiro keyboard, introduced at SXSW?

The Miselu Neiro is a portable, net-enabled social music device. It offers a keyboard, a wide multi-touch display and a variety of musical apps and cloud services.

At SXSW, Retronyms announced that they would be bringing apps to the Neiro platform. Here’s a sneak preview of one of these apps, XOX Drum Deranger:

This video doesn’t include all the final features and polish yet, but can provide you an idea of the final product that Retronyms is building for the neiro. It is only the first device they are bringing to the neiro with much more to come.

Check it out and let us know what you think of it!

11 thoughts on “Miselu Neiro App Sneak Preview

  1. Looks kind of fun, however i’m still worried it’ll cost some enormous sum of money. It’s a great concept, but if it’s overpriced or executed poorly (i’m less worried about the second), then it’s not going to do well.

  2. Hey Dude, “there is an app for that”, sorry, couldn’t resist 😉
    BTW; Seriously though, save your money, nobody will buy it.
    iPad can do that for free already and much, much more for $1.99… 😉

  3. Would have been amazing 10 years ago.
    People buy iPADs now….or real hardware with physical controls.

  4. I’m a bit curious about the price as well? But this looks fantastic! This would look great next to my OP-1!….the design is very retro future. I wish these guys the best! Whether you like it or not, these type of products are where a big portion of the synth game is heading( or at best a new corner of the boutique synth market). But I welcome it! Hey everything’s been done, so now it about style! And we can thank apple for that!….hopefully these guys can get passed the development stage, and really show us a really solid product…..in the end that’s what’s up…..

  5. The reality is that the iPAD is just a processor with a touch screen and a stable developement OS- due to the amount they arev selling, it is unliukely anyone will be able to do it better or cheaper (like for like) for some time, so devlopers should get on board with solutions that interface with the iPAD (like AKIA have) and more pro-apps that work with their bespoke hardware. Stick the iPAD in a folding case with a keyboard like this and a few drum pads and knobs and you have a great product…

    1. Yes – but we’re really just talking about companies coming up with more innovative MIDI controllers for the iPad, aren’t we.

      I wish companies would get going on this, but not make devices that look like they’ll be obsolete as soon as Apple comes out with a new iPad. How about a line of MIDI controllers that are just standardized on the form factor of iPad, but that come with both a USB to iOS device cable and a USB to MIDI cable. That way, they’d be portable, but you could use them with other gear.

  6. They should have made it all white, shown a non-working prototype at every music show for a year until the bloggers shat themselves in anticipation without even hearing a fucking note, then charge an outrageous price. GOLDEN.

  7. It looks like a large white plastic keyboard has been glued onto a standard laptop case with a different screen. When you close the lid it is going to be fairly bulky with a big gap at the front. The touch screen looked a little jumpy and honestly you are going to need more than a xoxbox emulation to sell the thing. It is not clear from the video if it is multitouch nor is it clear what type of arrangement or instrumentation is available. With the easy availability of touchscreen devices I am not sure if this will find a market. Possibly if they made it more niche and developed an actual instrument rather than just clone a xoxbox it would have more appeal for me.

  8. Im all for having more MIDI controllers integrate with the IPAD. For a small company to produce something like this it must cost a large sum that they could be using to fund a high quality controller for the IPAD with a killer app… but i understand some people just don’t want to work with a company like Apple.

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