Ableton Live Video Tutorial – Daft Punk Vocoder Effects

Reader Andrew Apanov let us know about a new video tutorial for Ableton Live that looks at creating vocoder effects. In the video, producer Alexander Mars looks at creating Daft Punk style vocoder effects in Ableton Live.


I have searched for a long time to find a convenient and easy vocoder, and tried many different devices.??When we started work on the PLAYMA track “Cuz We Are PLAYMA”, the vocals weren’t catchy enough, and at the time I had not had the opportunity to ask some of my friends to record vocals for me. I decided to try recording them myself, even though I don’t like my voice.

For the record, I used a standard iPod headset. That sounded funny and my voice was so wrong. Here I was not even in tune, but it’s ok for this example.

To begin, compress the vocal track a little bit to cut some peaks in the sample, then use the vocoder effect.??In order to implement this effect, I first need to make a synth, which fills out my voice. For this I used a standard preset of “NI Massive” synth.

To create a melody for the synth, I copied the midi clip, which I used to lay down the guitar track. The Vocoder effect is very simple to use. To make it work you just need to select the source channel as the Massive synth. After this you should tweak up the effect a little for a more pleasant sound.

Next, add a slight delay between the left and right channels to spread the stereo, and cut low frequency a little bit.

The video tutorial comes from XSSR Academy, an Internet-based music training company.

4 thoughts on “Ableton Live Video Tutorial – Daft Punk Vocoder Effects

  1. I always thought Daft Punk used a talkbox to achieve it’s “Harder Stronger” track type vocal effect

  2. That was a pretty cool video, an amazing and simply casual use of technology (“I first need to make a synth”) to change plain sounds (“I used a standard iPod headset”) into music sounds. Very cool.

  3. Nice vocoder tutorial, but what daft punk use in the major parts of tracks no is a vocoder.
    Is normal confusion of 99% of producers.
    What they use is a TALK BOX

    Anyway you can find some vocoders in daft punk productions, but the major parts what you listen is a Talkbox, some time Talk plus soft vocoder, and some times ultra filtered.
    For sure, the sound of the Talkbox is unique and not have any erlation with a vocoder : )

    1. Per the post:

      “In the video, producer Alexander Mars looks at creating Daft Punk style vocoder effects”.

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