7 thoughts on “Propellerhead Reason Tip – Get Started With Combinator

  1. I loved Reason back in the day (maybe version 2?)…. If they wanted my money, they need to make their (totally kick ass) synths available as virtual instruments so I can use them in the sequencing environment of my choice. Will never write music in the Reason sequencer again (I keep trying the demo versions so I know how it works).

    I don’t think this will ever happen because they would consider this (I’m guessing) selling out.

    A shame because their synths are amazing but stuck in a sequencer world I can’t stand.

    1. @ John Lehmkuhl: You actually can use Reason’s devices as VST’s (in a way). Say you want to sequence in Ableton Live, you simply open Live first, then open reason, Create an Audio and MIDI track. For the Audio Track, import the audio signal from Reason using the ‘Audio From’ dropdown box and select ‘On’ for the ‘monitor’. For the MIDI track, select ‘Reason’ for the ‘MIDI To’ dropdown box, then select the instrument within reason using the drowdown box directly below the one you just changed to ‘reason’. Arm the MIDI track and you now can send ALL midi information, including CC info to reason and it will arrive back in Live as audio.

      1. Yeah I use Reason like that, using the external instrument plug in Ableton, but automation of instrument parameters remains an issue. Reason is such an amazing program, really my only issue is with the sequencer, if propellerhead addressed this it would be great. The Rack Extensions will be a great addition.

  2. @ WPNX: Automation of all the parameters is actually quite easy. Propellerheads provides a pdf listing all the CC equivalents to all the instruments. So if your controlling thor, and you want to automate one of the knobs through ableton, simply find the CC value, and use ableton to create automation using that same CC value.

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