The Missing Link Wireless OSC/MIDI Translator (Review)

The Missing Link Wireless OSC to MIDI

The Missing Link OSC/MIDI Translator is a unique device, created by Jabrudian Industries, that lets you control MIDI devices wirelessly, using OSC over WiFi.

If you’ve ever thought it would be cool to be able to control your vintage MIDI gear wirelessly, The Missing Link can let you do it.

When you turn it on, the Missing Link creates a WiFi network that you can connect to with computers and other wireless devices, just as you would connect to other WiFi networks. It also has MIDI In & Out jacks, so you can connect it to your legacy MIDI hardware.

Hardware & Setup

The Missing Link is small (3.3″ x 2.2″ x 1.6″) box that has a jack for a wall-wart power connector, a USB connector & MIDI In & Out (standard DIN-5). The case is plastic.

Setup is a little geeky, but still easy.

When you power up the Missing Link, it automatically creates a WiFi network. To connect to the Missing Link, you need to configure your device. It’s not that different than setting up a laptop to access a WiFi network.

Here’s a video overview:

Once you’ve configured your device, it should remember the Missing Link’s network and let you connect automatically the next time.

There are setup instructions and signal flow examples at Jabrudian’s site.

7 thoughts on “The Missing Link Wireless OSC/MIDI Translator (Review)

  1. This is very cool – but I wonder why they can’t support MIDI apps directly?

    That would open it up to hundreds of iPad apps. Is MIDI harder to send via wifi or something?

  2. I already can control my MIDI synth wirelessly with an OSX MIDI WIFI network, using any number of input devices. It’s a ton of fun to play a synth from the other room!

    1. The Missing Link is available via Jabrudian and other retailers for $165.

      Links at the end of the review!

  3. Why is this article paginated? Are you guys too good for scrolling now?

    And yeah I love OSC and that’s cool but, IMHO really not so useful if we can’t send wireless MIDI, specially if they’re marketing it as a solution for controlling old synths.

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