14 thoughts on “Moog Minitaur Demo

  1. I only want to know why you would refuse a halo
    I like halos, there should be halos for everyone
    if only the flesh wasn’t so weak
    Christ in heaven it’s so sad.

    1. That is very poetic. 😉

      Clearly “Halo Refuser” is an anagram of “Asher Folero,”
      and he must have rejected the alternatives (“Euro Flasher,” “Horse Earful” etc.)
      for a reason. Maybe he just doesn’t like the game “Halo.”

  2. This box lacks musical character like most of the modern monophonics. Oberheim’s SEM might be twice as expensive, but it sounds a million times nicer.

  3. Am I missing something or does the Minotaur only have one timbre/sound? Not hearing much actualy tonal variety…

    1. Spot on! The Minitaur has always sounded to me like a stock, plain, out of the box 1970s synth bass. Nice, but it’s everywhere and not interesting anymore. If this synth didn’t say “Moog” on it, nobody would give a damn.

      … and this guy’s demo is just wanting around. Even for dub step it’s not in the groove.

      1. I can’t see complaining about an analog synth that’s actually affordable – especially one as good as this. There’s not a lot of competition in the $500-600 price range and this blows away analogs from a few years ago, like the bass station.

        1. The Arturia Minibrute blows this little piece of fanboy crap out of the water.

          The only thing this has going for it is the – ALL HAIL MOOG FILTER :/

          1. …Although I have no experience using the minibrute…..since it hasn’t come out yet. but i just like to talk straight from the anal cavity…

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