Mono/Poly Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: Reader Alex Juno has been getting his Mono/Poly synth jam on, and he’s got some face-peeling basslines to show for it.

Here’s what he’s got to say about the Mono/Poly madness:

The Korg Mono/Poly debuted in 1981 and is a powerful and classic mono-synth. With a great self-oscillating Korg 24dB filter, 4 versatile VCO’s and nice envelopes it creates that classic Korg sound. With a number of other little tricks up it’s sleeve, including a Paraphonic mode, Arpeggiator, Sync, Cross-mod, LFO rate abuse and the like, it’s timbral range can be pushed even further!

In this video i’ve put together a number of tracks using only the Mono/Poly, a CV interface, some drum samples, and the odd subtle plugin effect. There’s everything from dirty dirty Techno basses & cutting hoover sounds, to funky retro leads and synth brass, to pure insanity care of Mr LFO and Mr Xmod.

Track Listing:

  • New Musical Revolution (Mono/Poly Mix) – Alex Juno
  • Dirty MP Beatz – Alex Juno
  • I Am Rubber, You are a Glue Sniffer – Alex Juno
  • Spacefunker – Alex Juno

5 thoughts on “Mono/Poly Synth Jam

    1. Agreed – Alex Juno does the video synthertainment thing pretty well, but the ending was just groovy. The Mono/Poly is a great instrument.

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