The MFOS Wave Freaker

Ray Wilson of Music From Outer Space demonstrates a new DIY module, the MFOS Wave Freaker.

Wilson says that the Wave Freaker “takes an input such as a sine or triangle wave and turns it into something completely amazing and totally phat sounding.”


  • Turns a Triangle or Sine Wave Into a Harmonic-Rich Waveform.
  • Provides several waveforms:
  • Inverted Peaks Wave (CV modulation capable)
  • Stepped Wave (CV modulation capable)
  • PWM Rectangle (CV modulation capable)
  • Square Sub-octave of fundamental
  • Square Sub-Sub-octave of fundamental
  • Voltage Controlled Wave Shape Modulation
  • Voltage Controlled Step Wave Modulation

See the MFOS site for details.

2 thoughts on “The MFOS Wave Freaker

  1. Looks more than Fascinating (really cool man!! big up.) and would be great to have something like this bundled with a delay unit and filter in a tabletop box, IMO.
    I dont have a Modular synth but i do have analogue synths,& If it were available i would purchase one for sure! (depending on reasonable price//..)


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