Open Mic: What Would You Like To See In Ableton Live 9?

Back in 2009, Ableton surprised many people by announcing that they had ceased development on Live so that they could focus on bug fixes:

Dear Ableton users,

Some of you have experienced and reported problems with Live 8 several months ago that we have still failed to fix.

We have now decided to suspend all development towards new features while the whole team joins forces to address the current issues; and make process changes to prevent similar situations from happening in the future.

Bug fixes are important and Ableton has released several updates to Live 8 that address stability.

But, after three years of bug fixes, the biggest question that Live users have is “When is Ableton Live 9 coming?” Over at the official Live forum, users debate “Will Live 9 be released before year 2015?

We haven’t heard any official word on Ableton Live 9 or when it will be coming. But, if you’re a Live user, you’ve obviously had some time to think about it.

What would you like to see in Ableton Live 9? And what do you think are the most important things for a major update to live to address?

133 thoughts on “Open Mic: What Would You Like To See In Ableton Live 9?

  1. I’m not asking for much, NRPN and sysex support, Online collab (a feature in Live 8 manual by the way) 64 bit support (This might be present already, I’m not so sure) and recording automation in clips.

  2. Digital music making / performing has gone through incredible changes in the last few years, i think ableton are wise to carefully model their next release. with super creative apps for tablets and boutique electric instruments going mainstream, live 9 needs to be ahead of the game if they want to keep their image of cutting edge.

  3. I would like to see them put out a better output algorithm, maybe they could license Neuendo’s. I’m not a fan of Neuendo, but (IMHO) their final bounce/render has the best sound of any DAW I have used, it blew ProTools out of the water and was more on par with mix busses on Univrsal Audio’s 8ch summing amp, or an API mix buss

    1. People who dislike the idea of a better mix buss algorithm, need to learn better critical listening skills, ableton sounds like shit compared to other DAWs, 2 steppes better than Reason & 2 steppes behind Logic (and Logic sounds like ass)…

      1. I gave your comment a thumbs up because your listening skills are up to par. Now you just need to work on your mixing skills so that you aren’t depending on the software to make your work sound good. Listen to how your software bounces shit out, and adjust both pre and post bounce to taste.

        It isn’t “wrong,” but I’ve found it to be bad practice to do all your post work inside *most* DAWs because of precisely the reason you’ve explained. But that doesn’t mean you have to buy a whole new DAW, you need to just not be lazy and not suck at taking your critical listening skills and using them to make something sound better.

        Remember when making music was a “creative” process instead of a “wait for a software that can do that” process?

  4. OSC support….just like the midi learn but with OSC. tighter integration with M4L….already awesome…but maybe they can be creative in that field?

  5. People were making great music with Ableton Live 1, 2, 3, etc. As long as the software is not buggy, I don’t really care when the next version comes out. From my experience on the Ableton forum, the people who are anxious to see the next version are people who spend too much time on the forum and very little time on music. Noone sees the really good musicians who make great music whining on the Live forum. Then there are those who request features that would be useful only to a handful of people or that are beyond/outside Live’s purpose.

    I congratulate Ableton on their effort to focus on the bugs instead of satisfying the consumption freaks. If you can’t really make good music with Live, it is most probably not because of Live lacks this feature or that capability.

    Yes, I know this sounds harsh, but seems to be the case.


  6. I want something really simple: when you double click a fader or a knob that it goes back to 0… And also when you double click a midi channel that it opens up the virtual synth (in case it’s not one of live synths’).

  7. For all the DJs out there –
    For Live 9 to be a truly viable DJing software suite, it NEEDS a functioning file browser/music library. It is quite limiting to have to sort only by file name, and it almost forces the DJ to compile a setlist before arriving at the gig.

    1. What features does BitWig have that aren’t in Ableton Live already?

      It seemed like it was going to be a sort of Live clone.

      1. Is this is a joke? Unified midi/audio tracks, per-note midi editing, multi monitor support, LAN support, support for multiple projects open at the same time, plus most of the interface types we’ve grown to love from Ableton.

        If it delivers on even half of these then it’s already a vast improvement.

  8. I would love to see 64bit support so it can use more ram. Out of memory error is the most frustrating thing I have ever come across when working on a track!

    Ability to draw curves in the automation would also be a bonus!

  9. The only things I can think of would be 64-bit support and the clip-automation as already suggested – but these wouldn’t be deal-breakers for me as I find Live is pretty stable. I guess people calling for ways to put your Live setup across multiple screens – v9 might see new bundle options to include Max4Live and/or some new instruments – though I genuinely think Ableton have their work cut-out as Live 8 is pretty full-featured already IMO

  10. Automation snap to grid. The interface is OK, and I’m not a UI designer so I don’t know exactly how to articulate this…but if they could just some how make it look a little bit more crisper and cleaner that would help too. The sample searching mechanism is absolutely atrocious. Whatever algorithm they are using is terrible. It’s much faster to use another program or locate samples or even the native OS search instead of the search within the sample browser. I wish they had some kind of database or another solution to manage the als files as well instead of cluttering up my drive. Hiding and showing the plugin–my god, having to click that stupid wrench icon all the time drives me up the wall. There should be a quicker way to show hide the plugin, or at the least remove the bug where you close a plugin, the ctrl+alt+p shortcut will not show it.

  11. 1) The ability to loop a clip without it being in Warp mode.
    2) Automation recorded directly into clips
    3) Most importantly, an envelope tail for audio clips so that switching to the next clip down allows the previous clip to ring off. Without this Live will forever be stuck in the land of banging dutch/german house/trance/techno fail where every clip truncates the previous. This one isn’t rocket science, just make a clip behave like a real sampler with an envelope release that can play polyphonically ‘over itself’ or the next selected clip.
    4) Fix the turgid zipper noise in modulating Live’s filter in the Sampler/Simpler
    5 Allow Live’s stretch modes to work in Sampler/Simpler

    1. Dual screen and current processor support seem like must-haves – but I’d really like to see Ableton do something interesting with iPad support. None of the big DAWs have done much with tablets yet, so maybe Ableton could be first.

    2. I agree – besides 64 bit support the possibility to split Live across several displays would be the most important change request for me 🙂

      It’s nice to have everything in one window as long as you work on a laptop screen, but as soon as you sit down at home and connect a second, bigger screen, Live’s one-screen-policy becomes quite annoying…

  12. integrated sample/wave editor
    integrated score editor
    integrated virtual piano instrument
    better and native integration with keyboard controllers that allows for instance :
    – switching instrument racks from the keyboard/controller
    – switching / loading scenes from the keyboard/controller

    Maybe be ableton should release its own keyboard controllers, with a nice and expressive keybeds.

    The are the weaknesses of an “Ableton + Kb” setup for live music imho.

  13. They really should incorporate the Clyphx functionality into live. This remote script. greatly enhances the live 8 workflow already. Also I like deeper midi mapping functionality, a little bit like Mapulator already does in Max4Live. Quantize BEFORE note recording would be badass as well; this doable now, but involves a lott of midi mapping or Max4Live.

    And for (RGB) grid-like surfaces: The ability to adjust the clip color on both the control surface and the liveset simultaneously. Green clip in liveset is green led button on surface, red clip is red led button on surface, etc.

    And while were at it: An easier way to edit/compile remote scripts. This really would give Ableton an edge over the competition (iOS or software wise).

  14. I echo the need for 64bit support, that’s an obvious one! The ONLY other thing I’d love to see is higher resolution grid editing for audio. 32nd note resolution isn’t high enough. I remember the days of toying with audio in Acid and you could tighten the grid up to the grain of the audio file. It was also easier to cut, reverse, copy, and move audio in Acid… something I miss in Live.

    1. Right click the open grid in the arrange view, go to “fixed grid” and select “off.” now you have adaptive guidelines that you are not anchored to.

      Ableton has had this feature for multiple versions. You were never limited to 32nd note resolution on audio.

      1. Right, I should have elaborated that as you pointed out, the grid only goes up to 32nd note resolution…after that the grid is gone. After working with both DAWs, I find ACID’s implementation superior because you can still get those grids up to the grain. This allows you to do grid-based editing that keeps in time with the tempo of the track. Ableton, to my knowledge does not allow for this.

        1. I dunno. i just set Live’s grid to narrowest, started at 8th note resolution, and kept zooming in. I got to 4096 divisions per measure before the grid disappeared and reverted to “off”

          And at that point you can’t even see the time marker pass through the screen as it plays. it literally skips over you, invisible.

          you sure it’s only 32nd note?

  15. Better video support in Windows (recognize and sync better to other formats than QT), job automation features (export clips or clip groups to files with given names).

  16. A lot of the features here are already implemented guys, go read the manual or do a google search.
    Things I’d like to see improve?

    -if you truly want to call it a DJ software this should have a DJ view (A la traktor, LIVE BEATMATCHING capabilities, Auto Beat and Tempo sync etc.etc.)
    -The ability to have Multi-takes(a la logic) this is HUGE!!!! it makes comping so easy and intuitive.
    -Easier ways to hide and show non-ableton plug ins
    – Recording Automation unto clips I have done but it’s a bit Wonky
    -Dual Monitor Support
    -Much Much Much Much Much MUCH Better audio renders ( Logic’s renders blow live out of the water)
    -Support of AU plug ins while in re-wire mode (This annoys the SHIT out of me)

    1. This is the best list of potential feature I have seen so far. Thanks for mentioning these. Especially the audio rendering. My mixes in logic blow ableton mixes away entirely. Plus, most of these aforementioned gripes exist, such as input quantize and audio cross fades. It’s not that difficult to find this stuff in the manual. Also, networking sessions is pretty easy.

  17. Word search in clips. Using my browser, I can search for a word on this web page and it hilights all instances. Just do that in Live among loaded clips and DJing with it will become easier.

  18. I don’t understand the article. We HAVE heard about the next Ableton. It was mockingly called “Bitwig” but that was floating ideas about Ableton 9. There is no Bitwig.

  19. Add the Eucon protocol in. It’s really becoming the standard in control surfaces. And Your options are more limited setting up a surface in Mackie control.
    Also vertical zoom! I mean really, we are on version 8 and there is no real vertical zoom..

  20. How about some funky GUI options for Live’s on board instruments and effects? There are lots of great skins out there that inspire creativity. See Stillwell audio, Ohm Force, The Piz etc.

  21. Arrange and Session View on multiple screens. Record automation directly in Clips. Multiple waveform views (stacked). Per track timecode control. Mappable zoom commands.

  22. Hi! I would like better audio quality, to be able to set fixed loop length, a FULLY MIDI controllable polyphonic step sequencer that works with my LaunchPad, super steady MIDI sync, to be able to assign MIDI CC to parameters per selected channel strip (like Logic) and ways to better integrate all sorts of external devices like CV support and a synth editor where you can create a GUI to edit external devices. Not to forget, being able to musically transpose everything in real-time via MIDI, musically within a given scale (not only diatonic).

  23. Full Screen Piano Roll with the following tool changes:
    -Draw mode should be the default setting.
    -A grid selection of realistic note values. Sorry, but an 8 bar grid value is nearly useless when composing small clips. Start at 1 bar, then go all the way down to 16ths, 32nds, 64ths and 128ths, if you dare. Adaptive Grid isn’t a bad solution, but there’s no way to hotkey to choose between the Adaptive Grid settings.
    -New Follow Action option: Target. This would allow you to specify a specific clip slot to trigger upon completion of the current clip. This would be useful for splitting up individual loop sections within a single track.

  24. better UI and themes. I know it’s just aesthetics, but sometimes I feel like when i go to a darker theme (for some night performances) it becomes all pixelated cheesy.. like stock windows 95 themes.

  25. the ability to tempo nudge cued clips independently… this would allow for better beatmatching when djing. also, double clicking to set values to zero, as well as most of the other things mentioned already. also, having independent midi maps for control surfaces and keyboards. when using a device such as the apc40, if u midi map things custom, it interferes with keyboard notes- THIS is the worst ever when you are playing live and you have a lick on your keyboard that overlaps with a custom mapping. it can straight up destroy the set. i think they can figure something out that would solve this midi mapping overlap when using a control surface as well as a midi keyboard.

  26. * Detachable panels (like Photoshop)
    * Bezier curves for envelopes
    * Better cpu-utilization
    * mp3 export
    * Improved display in piano roll (so silly to have to zoom to see the notes)

  27. improved custom midi mapping.
    for example users should be able to create their own template for their controller within live. and include various assignable buttons like toggle mapping and navigate. instead of having to import an external script to do so.

  28. I adore Ableton but I wish it was less CPU and memory Intensive. I was previously using Sonar and had less of the freeze/flatten tracks happening, but I love the Ableton Interface. 64 Bit, and better multi-core support would be at the top of my list.

  29. Single tier pricing… I truly do not like this pay more… Get more… Give us ONE good product that is the same for all… This way… Other then plug-ins and samples found or bought from 3rd parties… A copy of Live is the same for everyone… No more watching a YouTube video lesson and realizing you do not have the correct version that is over 2x as much! Also calling a 3rd party purchase only add-on a feature of a new version (i.e. Max for Live) is just cheap… Add it into the package or do not advertise it (that was the big WOW of live 8 and it was a seperate purchase!!!! VERY BAD FORM GUYS!!!! Live is the DAW I purchased and have used for years and I am getting to doubt my choice… It’s buggy software that you make me pay extra for every time you add anything new and truly cool to… And you STILL charge for upgrades… Give me some worth for my dollar Ableton… Or I ditch ya!!! You have become the “trophy wife” in my software collection… Except live does not even look that good… And it still takes all my cash… 😉
    (Sorry for the rant… But you are lagging Ableton… Lagging BADLY!!!)

  30. being able to label/color code literally everything, send knob names, sliders, all tracks.
    and, of course, less load on the computer.

  31. I’d like to see that function Logic has where you can import hotkeys. I know you can create those little markers but I’d like to be able to skip that step and use all the same hotkeys for each program I use. For instance if i’m rewiring it into protools I hate having to remember a different set of hotkeys. Unless…you guys know a better workaround?

  32. I would like to be able to make small “pie chart” showing loop playing progress much bigger. Ideally to be able to place it in separate area (instead of context help for example) and also to be able to lock its view to specific track or clip (so I would see the same progress piechart even when I select another track). I think it would be possible to make such thing in Max for Live but it is quite expensive for that.
    And allow me to export song in mp3!

  33. – Automate the cell envelope into the clip, goodbye to dumiclips method please
    – Shooting video in the session view and add tools vj

  34. Automate the cell envelope into the clip, goodbye to dummy clips method please
    – Shooting video in the session view and add tools vj

  35. 64bit support.
    Docking options ala Reaper.
    Multi monitor support
    Ability to hide Clip view for those who compose only in a linear fashion so the mixer can utilise more space.
    General Stability improvements.

    I have just recently picked up Logic as the Stability issues and Plugin conflicts are just unbearable and just waste a hell of alot of time.
    I know their original target market with Live was for Live performance and DJs but I think the platform of Live has matured enough for them to explorer more flexibility in the composition side of things.

  36. I am a power Logic Pro user and I’ve been trying to wrap my head around Live for a while now. The interface of Logic makes so much more sense. Screen sets, the ability to hit a button and now I change tracks (in Logic) and the single plugin window changes to the plugin on the next track I select automatically. These are huge huge time savers. I am always having to call up the plug-in interface by hitting either the top of a mixer or the wrench icon – drives me nuts. I love the timing of Live but the mix quality is not as good as Logic now that I’ve done test comparisons. You can save mp3 and wave in one pass with Logic. I think automation in clips would be really importnat but the most important aspects for me are making the user interface easier to understand and more flexible. I have 2 monitors and that does’t help much with Live.

    1. Easy . SOmething I have wanted them to do for ages.


      I would love to be able to make my fav plug ins green so I dont have to search for things that I am looking for. I just scroll down until I see a green colour as an example.

  37. free LFO as audio effect, assignable to any live parameter(s). Midi assign to sample position of sampler in linked sustain mode. ability to link impulse instruments. instruments within instruments. I like being able to put impulses in the drum rack slots, I think expanding such capacity would have a lot of potential.
    midi triggered effects, like a drum rack of effect chains, perhaps this is already possible?

  38. Better automation. Ever try to quickly adjust BPM with precision without arming, recording, and punching in? It’s essentially impossible.

    1. it’s fairly simple. you set one knob to adjust course tempo change, and another to make fine adjustments (.01, .02) I usually set up the fine adjustment knob to move in steps of .25 so that I can find my way quickly to the next whole number without jumping 10 bpm up.

      1. That’s a great tip! What about when you don’t have a MIDI controller handy? I’d really like to just type the BPM in.

  39. I find it funny how many people are asking for things that Ableton has been capable of doing for years. Ahh well, shouldn’t surprise me that people don’t take the time to learn their tools when I consider the mass amounts of homogenized, unskilled, uninteresting, unmusical music that gets produced nowadays.

  40. I would really like for there to be per clip automation in addition to the automation that is recorded in the arrangement view. In addition, it would be nice to have a “touch” mode (a la logic audio) where automation is only written when the knob or fader is being touched or moved, otherwise, it snaps back to the original value. Finally, there’s a great mode in logic that’s sort of a “print last take” mode, where the app keeps a loop-length buffer of midi that is always prerecording; it’s for those magic little times where your fingers do something unexpected and cool sounding but you weren’t recording – you just press a key command and the thing you just played is printed as though record mode was on. It doesn’t reset until a new note is sent during a new loop – a perfect feature to getting a live, jam-type feel into your music.

  41. Real Mixing capabilities (or the ability to choose a traditional mixing style). Being able to execute key commands with midi. Side chainer for any effect parameter. A better reverb with built in EQ. Spectrum analyzer in EQ. Loop without Warp. Drag and drop warped audio into a sampler while keeping all warping edits (without rendering). Flexible midi curves found in Mapulator (my favorite plug). Real time sample chopping like Slicex in FL Studio (chopping on the fly allows you to work faster and it keeps your inspiration flowing). Better pitch correction. Better sample searching. And the biggest one for me a Spectrum Analyzer that has the ability to feed in other tracks and show them in a different colors so that you can make mixing decisions. Alt-Left-click in the EQ to apply a sweeping filter similar to Izotope Ozone. A real multiband dynamics effect for limiting, compression. Multiband reverb. A De-Esser. the ability to right click a sample in Drum-Rack and have better options like Copy and Paste. Being able to add effects to one sample in the Sampler versus adding an effect that affects all samples at once. Being able to record audio with effects on the way into the DAW. And last but not least being able to add metadata for samples. I Love Ableton the way it is but if I’m going to cough up $400 for an upgrade it needs to greatly improve my work flow and make ProTools and Izotope and other softwares less relevant.

    1. make a De-Esser in Ableton:
      put a compressor on desired track, un-collapse side-chain/eq area by clicking triangle next to plug-in on/off button, turn on eq, select band-pass setting (default), select desired frequency (usually between 4k-8k), set high q level, tweak compressor threshold/ratio/att/rel/etc. to taste.

      and you’re done!

      How to record audio with FX into Live:

      Set “monitor” of first audio track (A1) to “in”
      Create a second audio track (A2) and select the input of the track to be the original input channel (A1), and be sure to select post-fx or post-mixer.
      Arm A2, hit record, and start playing! you’re done!

      I would love to see the spectrum analyzer get multiple inputs and respective read-outs though. that would be really nice. but for now, I’ll just have to use Gliss-EQ from voxengo, which is probably better anyways.

  42. A pre-quantize that reads my brain-waves and puts the notes I almost thought about making in their proper place. Why do I still have to play an instrument well (or at all) to make music?

    I want to be able to change the key signature, scale or mode, tempo, and time signature of an entire song so I don’t have to learn music theory anymore… it’s just so boring and time-wasting, and seriously impedes my flourishing creativity by forcing me to make decisions about how to write a song, and what mood I want to produce.

    I want a DAW that scans my biometrics and produces the music I would have made if I had talent and had learned how to use a DAW.

    Then, finally, the software could stop being in the way of my creative process and let me finally be a musician.

    1. You forgot the “instant hit” plug in. Otherwise this is spot on with the mentality of… I’d say 99% of the gear buying public.

    2. It should have a built in “virtual”simon cowell that critics every step of the production process and will not allow a bs track to be rendered to a stereo file and exported

    3. You guys read my mind.

      And if the V-Cowell plug accepts my song, then I would also appreciate it if Live could then put a bird on it, so that people know it’s art.


    4. Like I said, I’m fine with Ableton and it works for me but if I’m going to spend a few hundred bucks on an update it has to significantly improve my work flow and…make other softwares less interesting. So don’t be a smart @ss, take that sh@t to gearslutz.

      1. @bigdap, I wasn’t ripping on you, and I totally agree that it needs to be worthy of the upgrade price. my comment about asking for a daw that makes the music for me was not directed at you

        But my comment which explains how to make a de-esser was. did you try it out?

  43. Whatever it is – it should be a decent update given it’s been 2-3 years!
    I think the quality of the effects and built in instruments should be upgraded, and comping similar to in logic.

  44. Ditto most of the comments on here PLUS: make room on the UI for a quantized button -rather than having to scroll through the edit menu….o-0

  45. Make it easier to collaborate with other people running the same version. This was hinted at initially with the release of Live 8.x but we never heard/saw that feature again. thanks

  46. Ability to detach the Session View from the Arrangement View ie: so I can have the session view in one screen and arrangement in another. Having to toggle between the two views is limiting. thanks

  47. 1. SaaS services and cloud computing applications. For example VSTs running on the cloud and users paying subscriptions to enable them.
    2. Social networking enabling users to use other people’s skills. For example talent matching apps.
    3. Browser-enabled instruments and parsers supporting remote interactions
    4. location-based virtual instruments 🙂

  48. 1) Network collaboration mode.
    2) Better sync engine.
    3) 64 bit VST compatibility.
    4) Session and arrangement view on 2 different displays.

    That would be awesome …

  49. loop without warp can be done by programming the cells, just tell the cell to replay itself each (your loop lentgh), it works fine, but indeed would be easier to have the loop in out at hand.
    for djing (cause i’m sloppy) i would like live to have an ‘intelligent starting point’ that understands where it is according to the first beat.
    so that when you have a voice or drum fill anticipating the first beat you can still hear it and be in synch without having to rely on short launch quantize….don’t know if that’s any clear but thanks anyways.

  50. -make the interface even cooler 😀
    -better reverb plugin
    -better beatrepeat
    -randomizer / humanizer
    -some video editing capabilities e.g. fades
    -sidechaining on all automations
    -ability to unlink interface-sections for multi-display setups

    keep up the good work!!

  51. So much clip launching real estate is hogged up by the mixer. Remind me again why we can’t use multiple monitors in Live?!?!? Detachable windows please!!!

  52. Real time automation on clips, warped files on si/sampler, detachable session/arrangement view for two monitors, better instruments/effects or just none of them if that would justify improvements on other areas, 64 bit support, a super-solid sound engine click/pops immune when loading instruments or files when playing back.

  53. Something that Logic has – set a section to loop (e.g. like if you’re trying to take a killer solo). Then the program just records each take separately and keeps them all. Then you can do ten takes in a row WITHOUT STOPPING or having to open ten new tracks. Brilliant.

  54. -A good real time Wavescope
    -Spectrum analyzer with multiple inputs overlaying with different colors for mixing
    -Grouped Tracks inside of Grouped Tracks. (I know you can BS around it by sending audio to a track inside a group from another group)
    -A better Reverb (not too important)
    -being able to have ghost notes from other midi clips in the clip you are editing like what you can do in logic.
    -Be able to freeze tracks with a sidechained comp in their bus, rather than have to bump the audio out to a new track and copy over the comp

    Most of these are easily worked around, but just would be cool little improvements.
    I love live and I’m sure whenever they do come out with Live 9 it will have some dope shit I could have never thought of.

  55. Allow for backwards compatibility. iow; when implementing any specific gui or control changes also allow “grumpy old users” to discard them and continue to use what they came to love and respect in Live 8.

  56. A step=sequence recording mode that works! set the lenght of note in advance and then just play and the cursor will follow through the frid WITHOUT having to press right arrow key.

    Ping pong sustain for samples.

  57. MICROTUNING !! ..the ability to tune all Live synths to a user-definable scale (and also be able to choose from a bunch of stock non-traditional tunings).. similar to Logic’s “Tuning” page under Song Settings.. although the ability to also change the tuning within a middle of a track would be tits.. Logic can’t even do that, and it’s a mild limitation.. The biggest limitation right now though, IMO, is that Ableton’s synths can only play in equal-temperament (or be forced to use time-consuming pitch-bend techniques on monophonic lines). What about world music? Can’t we evolve already, or do we still need to be stuck in the bland greyness of equal-tempered tuning?

  58. Enter = Return Key support on Mac (not joke!!)

    (i know i can assign key but why assing on every single project!!!)

  59. 64 BIT , Live must catch up with the modern computers VERY soon or many more people will leave it for other DAWS. I am considering cubase.

  60. I might be one of the very few people that actually like the pause between 8 and 9. From Live 3 thru 8 ableton made me pay a lot more than the cost of the complete all-suite for updates that didn’t deserve the number change. The major ones being if my memory serves well 5 and 8. Some updates where less than a year apart and didn’t bring so many changes.

    I didn’t pay for 8 and I sincerely hope they have bring an awesome update for 9 or I’m done with Ableton.

  61. this is pointless article. i am sick of waiting for Live 9, i switch to cubase or wait if Bitwig will do the job. If you want to know what features are users asking for Live 9 since 2008, just go to ableton forum 😀
    i think ableton is ready for sale company. maybe some other major music industry player could buy it .. or facebook 😀

  62. How about they stop dumbing down the Mac user interface to match the Windows UI?

    It might be nice to have the UI be the same on both Windows and Mac, but that’s probably on of value to a few people.

    I don’t want to start a flame war, but it would be better if they tried to make the best Wondows UI possible and also the best Mac UI, instead of something messy that works on both.

  63. Multi Screen Please!!
    detachable UI , so i can place the channels info in the arrangement on the LEFT like any other daw
    Automation Clips
    Groups/SubGroups with ability to place an automation clip over a group to
    automate the group contents
    more customized keyboard shortcuts
    better Browser, the one used now is just limiting and small
    mmm… thats what i remember now

  64. Everything on my list are more “nice to haves” if anything. I’ve invested an ungodly amount of money into Ableton because it fits my workflow extremely well, and some of it’s neurotic quirks, I’ve found workarounds for, so I forget the quirk exists. Plus with Max for Live, there is little you can’t make it do. But, I would like to see 64bit support for VSTs, separate automation options between clips and arrangement view, DUAL SCREENS (my god, get with the program Ableton). Having Live and Max/plugins/etc on separate screens does not count. The over-the-internet collaboration stuff BitWig has would be exceptionally wonderful.

    1. my guess is they are travelling the world and building nice stockhausen-houses for their families & recruiting a next-gen futuristic dev-team for abelton 9

  65. I would really like to see Ableton get in line with all the other DAW’s and actually release a new, bug-free version. I think it’s safe to say, they’ve dropped the ball. I might make the switch to Bitwig if it proves worthy.

    Aside from that… why does ableton’s engine have a different sound than Logic 9. For some reason all my samples sound slightly different (ala better) in Logic? Wtf mate?


    *Freeze with sidechain compression!

    *a 3-dimenional view of the arrangement… personally I think that would be great to provide a new and creative perspective on producing.

  66. Would like to see:
    + a way to move clips inclusive envelope automations from arragment view to session view (and back)
    + a way to make/play automations (with midi controller) directly in session view.
    + bigger clips in arrangment view, generally a bigger arragment view.

  67. I would love to see:

    1. A single knob that changes crossfader types, so you can assign them to a MIDI controller.

    2. Moveable master channel.

    3. Unlink the whole cue or solo only so you can do both at the same time.

    4. Draggable windows.

    5. Better MIDI timing and jitter reduction.

  68. And of course…

    Better playhead control, so you can do things like turntable stops or manual tempo changes and beat reverses using a controller.

  69. Ok, one last thing…

    Ability to disable the spacebar from stopping the audio. So, DJ Spacebar can play a better set.
    Other than that, I absolutely love the program. I’ve been using it for several year for production and live performance and wouldn’t even think of switching to another program.

    Thanks Santa,
    your buddy, Radius

  70. Floating windows/ multi-monitor cpblty.

    Better DrumRack: simpler time stretch, easier–copy, paste, swap— per cell, larger cell-view matrix, autoslice to alteady open drumrack…

    Better file organization: specifically, the ability control the naming and filing of resamples/chopped files.

    More intuitive and efficient browser sample search system that will make it easier to audition and swap out sample on the fly from within browser using midi controllers.

    Virtual contolller/pad innovation.

    ???? Whatevers clever

  71. Fix the Arpeggiator.. it doesn’t consistently play the first note…everybody knows this.
    It would be one of the best out there except for that.

  72. They need to improve on automation curves, but mainly for me, the piano roll/MIDI note placing. I’m honestly not sure how they’d do this, but their genius has impressed by thus far, I believe they can do it. But on a more technical side of things, CPU usage and RAM usage needs to be absolutely maximized. I’m planning on getting some gear next year, and since I’ll be on a rather tight budget, I, (and many others like me) need to stretch our rig its furthest. Already, Ableton is relatively low in CPU, but when you start pumping Massive, Nexus2 and Sylenth1 while performing on a Launchpad, it gets ridiculous, and I can’t afford a supercomputer. I know this is a lot to ask for, but it’s a large topic, hope you guys can do something!

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