Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus Recreated In Software

G-Storm Plugins has released VSP-330 version 2.0 Voice Synth Plus – a recreation of the rare and nearly extinct Roland VP-330 string ensemble and human voice formant choirs.

The original Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus was used notably by Vangelis on his soundtracks for Blade Runner and other movies.

Here’s a preview of VSP-330r2:

G-Storm’s virtual take on the Vocoder Plus is available now, in VST and standalone versions, as donationware. See the G-Storm site for details.

4 thoughts on “Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus Recreated In Software

  1. Its a VST, but its actually a .dll VST which means theres no way to get it working on a MAC, even with a vust/au wrapper. I tried and failed. Not sure the developer knows this as he suggests that a wrapper might work on Mac, but it wont. Shame, would have loved this, its one of the few remaining analogues that deserves a soft synth recreation.

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