MIDI Studio For iOS Now $3.99 For Limited Time (Or Free For Fast Synthtopia Readers!)

Reader Nick Mayer sent word that MIDI Studio – a software MIDI controller for iOS – is discounted from $10.99 to $3.99 through tomorrow.

Better yet – he sent along codes (below) that will let 15 Synthtopia readers get MIDI Studio for free.

Midi Studio Features:

  • CoreMidi
  • WI-FI
  • USB
  • True Velocity Sensitive (with the force of impact)
  • Modulation
  • Drums
  • Faders
  • Knobs
  • Buttons
  • Touch pads
  • Two Keyboards
  • Different Keys Size
  • Custom Key Scale – (Like: Major, Minor, Klezmer, etc…)

Here’s a preview video for MIDI Studio:

Here’s what they’ve got planned for MIDI Studio:

Ability to create your own layouts/templates and controls.

It will be interesting and a big update, so in theory your controller in Midi Studio can be look same as your favorite working device/vst plugin… Imagine that you see on the iPad/iPhone screen – Ableton Live’s plug-ins, Logic’s synths/effects, some vst/au plugins like MiniMoog, some hardware synths or mixers like Mackie Control, Behringer, etc. And all this can be have exactly the same look, so left for you only touch with your finger on a screen then control your work with it. It may be downloaded already created templates by us or you can create your own controls with different layouts.

Basic transport Controls at the top of the screen.
On/off solo, rec buttons near faders. etc.
Longer faders, Horizontal faders
Different Velocity Presets
A more different key sizes
Guitar and guitar strings
Drum pad with a view of live drums
Ableton Live presets for (Midi Sync settings)

You can get more details on MIDI Studio in the App Store.

Here are the codes for getting a free copy of MIDI Studio:

  5. XMY96NN6MH7K
  10. ELX9PYLRR944
  14. LN6KMH4NM97R
  15. A4PYENM679WH

To redeem a code, go to the iTunes App Store, click ‘Redeem’ in the right column and paste in your code.

If you use one of the codes, please leave a comment and let everybody know that the code is taken. This will save other readers some grief. Thanks!

14 thoughts on “MIDI Studio For iOS Now $3.99 For Limited Time (Or Free For Fast Synthtopia Readers!)

  1. Screwed up and DIDN’T use one of the codes, but I DID wind up getting at the discounted price. Did a VERY quick test with Animoog and think I’m in love … this is gonna be a deep one to play with — thanks for the pointer!

  2. Missed the freebies too…oh well. This app seems to just work like it should. And I think that’s pretty cool! I was able to start using it right away without fussing around forever!!

  3. Nice. Took a look at Sergei review: http://youtu.be/FxSkF5IYQRs and bought it. I really like the double keyboard.
    Animoog produces cool sweeps when holding a note on one keyboard and then pressing the same note on the other (Distorted saw).

  4. Ok- ALL GONE – hope my OCD stops all other OCDers out there- all tried- all gone- genuinely! Apart from 4- only messing- THEY ARE ALL USED! Don’t try 4. Just don’t. Really. I tried it. It doesn’t work. Honestly. Really really.

  5. generous donating the codes. sad i missed out but will buy the app at the discounted price tho.

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