“This Music Makes Me Want To Slap My Sister’s Fat Bum!” – Kids On Skrillex

This video, via noisey, features a bunch of adorable kids offering their honest opinions on the Skrillex track, Bangarang.

Some of the comments are dead-on and others probably make more sense if you’re six years old.

Along the way, they also offer their insight into why people like to go to nightclubs, drinking drinks to stay awake, what ‘the drop’ is and Skrillex’s ‘horrifying’ hairstyle.

Let us know what you think of their review!

via Tom at Waveformless, Buzzfeed


15 thoughts on ““This Music Makes Me Want To Slap My Sister’s Fat Bum!” – Kids On Skrillex

  1. Great clip, Im impressed with the kids and their feelings on high energy music. Funny how dubstep is not taken serious by anyone, Im glad it is as mainstream as it is now for the simple fact that new stuff will be brewing in the underground leaning towards breakcore and gabba.

  2. How did an Eskimo Joe’s hoodie get all the way across the pond? ….I wonder if Casa Bonita sells and schwag.

  3. I honestly am really beyond the hatred for Skrillex, I honestly think its one of those things where it is better to respectable about it, be glad someone made it, and just say I just don’t like the music and walk away. Saying things like I wish he would die is neither constructive nor polite. I also don’t think that Skrillex’s brand of “dub step” (something he adamantly claims is not dubstep) is not indicative of the real original form of dubstep so hating on his music for being “dubstep” is also kind of goofy.


  4. My english is poor, I like the music but I just don’t get the part when they share candies…

  5. Here we go, skilled, dubstep, come on, get over it, neither are music or talented , I think his name gets posted on here to incite interesting discussions ( bitchfights)

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