Grove Audio BusyBox Synthesizer Like A Modular Minimoog Model D

Grove Audio has posted information on their BusyBox synthesizer.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

This 6MU module contains a complete synthesizer voice and an internal MIDI to CV converter. Internal routing is roughly based on the Moog Minimoog Model D.

An analog routing system controlled by a processor offers alternative routing schemes to extend the usefulness of the unit as a standalone synthesizer. A couple of extra features not found on the Minimoog have been added such as ring modulator, linear FM modulation of the VCOs, and voltage controlled amplifiers on each VCO and external audio sources.

The MIDI to CV converter can produce up to four CV/gate pairs and internal control voltages based on channel control messages from an external sequencer or keyboard controller can extend or replace internal modulation sources for the VCOs, the audio mixer or the filter.

The filter core is a 4 pole low pass filter which feeds a signal matrix and analog switch that allows one of sixteen possible filter modes to be selected. Two envelope generators can be used to modulate parameters of the filter and apply a contour to the main audio output VCA.

The depth of modulation can be controlled by the modulation wheel of a connected MIDI keyboard controller.

Pricing and availability are to be announced.


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  1. ..and almost as an exclamation point to yesterdays story about why Moog is still revered….. the Model D panel layout remains the logical standard in synth design.

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