Sugar Bytes Cyclop Bass Synthesizer ‘The Future Of Bass’ (Sneak Preview)

Sugar Bytes recently announced a new bassline synth, Cyclop, that they call ‘the future of bass’.

They released this promo video for Cyclop today. While it doesn’t provided any new details on the synth, it does offer a preview of the bassline synths’s sound.

Here’s what they have to say about Cyclop:

It’s a monophonic monster, armed to the teeth with jaw dropping effects and wobblier than a jelly on a space hopper. CYCLOP is the scratch-looping, sample-mashing, sub-generating, harmonic-splicing mothership of the twisted bass alliance and it’s landing on your desktop soon.

With masses of new sounds for you audio-junkies, from screaming analog syncs through brutal FM sounds to scintillating spectral shimmers. The integrated sampler also works as wavetable synth and pitch transformer for creating unbelievable and disturbing monster voices. CYCLOP is more than massively loaded with features: 10 incredible filters, unique wobble generator, feedback processor, 3 overdrives and an effects sequencer.

CYCLOP is expected to be released in spring 2012. Pricing is TBA.via SugarBytes:

Cyclop is the new bass synthesizer from Sugar Bytes.
Check it out!

20 thoughts on “Sugar Bytes Cyclop Bass Synthesizer ‘The Future Of Bass’ (Sneak Preview)

  1. So when ED-209 tells me, “Please put down your weapon. You have 20 seconds to comply.” this is the music that will be playing from my boombox?

  2. That is an impressively well-crafted teaser. Makes it look like this is a pretty flexible and powerful synth. Not clear what’s new about it– other than a space invaders game built-in. The dancing projector-bot was fun.

    1. Yay! Let’s all bitch about music other people like and feel superior for it. All dubstep and disco producers are intellectually inferior right guys?

      1. its all opinions, its all subjective

        you are acting like you have never bitched about a particular genre of music, and thats total bullshit… everyone has likes and dislikes

        just because you defend dubstep from all those nasty “HATERS!” doesnt make you ghandi, or the fucking pope of music

        get real, kids

    2. Dubstep, for the most part, is not about traditional musicality in any sense; it’s about making kids go nuts on the dancefloor, and to that end it is well suited. This genre is completely visceral, designed to illicit an adrenaline charged response from young people. The ebb and flow of trance is here, but with a much quicker build and a massive explosion of bass at climax. This is something that just flat out works on the dancefloor. I’m guessing, given that you have referenced disco, that you are an older fellow, and probably have not experienced this music in a festival/rave type setting with thousands of smoking hot, half naked girls going ballistic to these sounds. It’s like the punk rock of EDM; anyone can do it on some level, but it still takes a talented producer to make the good stuff.

      1. you guess wrong.. ive actually been to plenty of raves as well as actual punk rock shows, plus tons of other shit

        dubstep doesnt produce mosh pits.. its not really like punk except the “intensity over skill/talent/message/everything else” angle

        ive seen this kind of thing come and go plenty of times… some years down the road, when the next “big thing” comes along, i wonder if youd be surprised to find the “old school” brosteppers bitching about it

        even trance was better than this dubstep crap

        yeh its fucking garbage

  3. For me,Dubstep ain’t my bag,however I don’t feel any great compulsion to trash it or go around deriding it.It’s just not for me.

    That being said I think creating a synth designed for only one genre is a fantastically bad idea.
    Do you think Moog would still be a big name if all those synths could be used for was Prog Rock and Fusion? Much as I love those genres,short answer no.
    I like most of the stuff this dev produces,so here’s hoping the internal architecture of this prog is not just limited to wobble basses,and provides wider scope for wider expression.

  4. Just looked at the spec,(rather than just the video). It seems like my concerns were for naught.
    Although it would be good if it were made clear for your average user who (unlike me) doesn’t roll their own presets.A campaign that had all the other types of sound that such a synth could produce then had a bunch of wobbles near the end may be less alienating for potential customers of an Anti-Dubsteppist denomination.

  5. I believe one of the highlight features to emerge will be the sample transformer. Load in a sound — it could be the sound of your voice — and sculpt it into something very nasty while scrubbing the waveform back/forth. I’ve had great fun with this while I was “beta testing”, as heard at the very beginning:

    “Dubstep” is a useful reference and common familiarity, which facilitates discussions of going beyond any limiting genre labels. Like science popularizing, it helps to communicate in ways that appeal, then transition open minds — and ears — from there.

  6. Me I would rather hear some wobbles them the same kick/snare or amen break a MILLION times over. But thats just me. Yes dubstep is starting to become lame. But at least it doesn’t sound like ever other electronic music.

  7. Ugh… Can we just have a final knock down drag out argument about dubstep and be done with it. Every time a synth is featured here and it has even a second of dubstep somebodys got to spout their mouth about it. Thread gets hijacked and ends up with the same people arguing over a genre instead of talking about the synth. I don’t really see anything ground breaking with this vst. It’s a bummer seeing good company’s bolt on features to make it easier for people to be unoriginal. However it pays the bills. So it goes…

  8. I thought the dancing robot was quite amusing.

    Anyone have any opinions on the actual sound quality of Cyclop? I can’t make my mind up for some reason. Im not quite sure if it stands up to the quality and clarity of other top synths from the like of NI and U-HE. Not that it doesnt have a place of its own in any VST collection anyway.

    Anyone that cant look past the genre specific advertising and terminology within cyclop is a fool. As a monophonic synth it seems quite fun for creating bass, leads, sound effects and noises of all kinds for any genre.

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