The Music Thing Random Sequencer (Synth DIY Project)

Music Thing Random Sequencer

Tom Whitwell, creator of the Music Thing blog, has introduced an interesting synth DIY project, the Music Thing Random Sequencer:

The Random Sequencer is a circuit that produces clocked randomly changing control voltages. These can also be locked into loops that repeat every 8, 16 or 32 steps.

This is an open hardware project – all the project files (Eagle CAD projects, Gerbers PCB files, a Mouser BOM and Illustrator/PDF front panel designs) are available on this page, covered by a Creative Commons Attribution Share-a-like license, which allows for commercial use.

This is a relatively advanced DIY project, and I’m not able to provide support. I am not selling PCBs, kits or finished modules, but hopefully all the information you’d need to get your own is here.

See the video below for a demo of the Music Thing Random Sequencer in action.

2 thoughts on “The Music Thing Random Sequencer (Synth DIY Project)

  1. Interesting circuit idea. A good way to free a noise source and a sample and hold generator for generating random sequences. And if clocked at audio rates you get a nice digital noise source. The most logical addition would be a set of logic gates that treat the input to the DAC to derive a second more or less related sequence. Very inspiring.

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