Jordan Rudess Makes His iPad Sing

Sunday Synth Jam: Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess makes his iPad sing, in this short synth jam.

Rudess is running Wizdom Music’s Geo Synthesizer on his iPad, through the Electro-Harmonix Talking Machine effects pedal.

For another example of what you can do with the Talking Machine, see Peter Pringle’s amazing performance of Puccini’s Nessun Dorma, from the opera Turandot.

5 thoughts on “Jordan Rudess Makes His iPad Sing

  1. wow, this is incredible! watched also the video with the theremin, very impressive. gotta get one of these pedals!

  2. This sound make me want to laugh. Kind of like John Hamm’s autotune cry on SNL. I also bust out laughing at death metal vocals.

  3. Without sounding cynical , the korg Z1 does a better job and that is easily 15 years older and possibly cheaper that all that i pad shit (specially considering the conditions of workers in Apple factories)
    Formant filtering!! also the Yamaha FS1r was doing that many many years ago. So well done for realising formant filtering but not new.

  4. Jordan Rudess can play his butt off, but the demo you featured last week with Peter Pringle really blows this away.

    Still a cool demo of the pedal. Sunrizer has a formant filter built-in, but I haven’t been able to make it sound as good as either of these two demos.

    That may not be a reflection of the app, though.

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