Giving It A Workout: Trance On The Korg Electribe EMX

Korg EMX-1

Need an idea for a track?

Try limiting yourself to one piece of gear – and giving it a workout.

Here’s a trance track built completely on a Korg Electribe EMX-1.

“It’s been five years since I posted my first YouTube video – a trance song composed entirely on the Electribe MX,” writes chisel316. “I thought it would be cool to set the EMX back up and compose a new song.”

The result may not be compelling video, but it shows off the capabilities of the Korg EMX – and it shows what you can do when you take one piece of gear and give it a workout.

7 thoughts on “Giving It A Workout: Trance On The Korg Electribe EMX

  1. chisel, good inspiration to get me back focused on my EMX. Quite the incredible machine. Can you tell me what kind of stand you are using for your EMX?

  2. the emx is a dope piece of gear. if only korg would take the emx, add a couple extra synths and a usb port to drag / drop drum samples and export settings, and maybe some updated FX (emx / esx fusion + usb) we’d have a killer machine.

  3. Have wanted one of these for a while now, big props to you for showing this beast here 😛

    There is a lot of love for this Clasic Korg Monster 😛

    A real piece of Music Gear in History

    Good Demo track too

    BoOM! brotha

  4. Wow! It took me three years to find this article. I just stumbled upon it tonight while doing a search on “electribe 2 trance”. It’s funny how that search lead me back to my own video. Thanks for the article! I’m tempted to get out the ‘ol tribe and make a new tune for 2015. We’ll see…

    Peace \/

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