Free Music Friday – Symatic Star’s Transmissions

Free Music Friday: Netlabel Ethereal Live has released a free, Creative Commons licensed album by Simon Walsh, aka Symatic Star.

Recorded live at the streaming concert Autumnal Equinox 2011, Transmissions is a performance that spotlights Simon’s instrumental and vocal skills.


The release begins with a spellbinding mix of droning synthesizers and spacious melodies from the acoustic mbira. Symatic Star shows real proficiency with the instrument and blends the mbira in with the synth drones fabulously. As the mbira settles down, the long form track spirals into a deep cavernous movement with gongs and didjeridoo carving out some incredible spaces and textures. Electronic and acoustic percussions litter the track throughout as “Transmissions” slowly evolves and swirls ultimately into a pillowy mass of floating goodness the resolves itself somewhere in the nether reaches where Symatic Star resides.

You can preview and download Transmissions via

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