The 16 Step Sequencer Vari-Clock Quantizer

Ray Wilson of Music From Outer Space has introduced a new synth DIY project, the 16 Step Sequencer Vari-Clock Quantizer, designed to be integrated with the MFOS sequencer.


  • Each step’s duration can be set independently.
  • Each step’s duration is settable from 1 to 16 clock cycles.
  • Main clock adjustment affects all steps equally.
  • Clock selection: Quantized or Normal
  • Two gate/trigger modes: Single per step and Multi per step.
  • External clock supported.
  • Clock out supported.

Here’s an in-depth intro video for the 16 Step Sequencer Vari-Clock Quantizer:

The 16 Step Sequencer Vari-Clock Quantizer is an advanced synth DIY project. Wilson expects PC boards to be available before the end of June 2012.

See the MFOS site for details.

One thought on “The 16 Step Sequencer Vari-Clock Quantizer

  1. That looks awesome. I’ve already got a DJ Thomas White panel for my in-progress sequencer, so I’ll have to figure out a new panel layout for just this.

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