Dave Smith Instruments Mono Evolver Keyboard Discontinued

Dave Smith Instruments has announced the end of the line of the Mono Evolver Keyboard:

It’s time to say goodbye to the Mono Evolver Keyboard, first introduced in 2006.

It is currently out of production however there are a few units remaining in stock. Pick one up before it’s gone!

In his SOS review of the Mono Evolver, Paul Nagle said “It’s almost indecently full of wild and wacky sonic textures.”

10 thoughts on “Dave Smith Instruments Mono Evolver Keyboard Discontinued

    1. Best customer service ???
      Personally I think that asking your customers to BUY an editor (the evolver mono isn’t the most programmer friendly machine) isn’t very customer friendly, sorry guys 🙁

  1. poly evolver owner here am still discovering the capability after 2 years, nothing ells like it, a true stereo synth – rare

  2. Evolver not a programmer-friendly machine? No more difficult than when I learned my way around a VCS3 back in 1978, with no manual nor preset in sight. It’s a beautful sounding instrument when in the right hands and a world apart from the world of gutless, lifeless VST’s. Only a bad workman blames his tools.

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