Yamaha CS5 Analog Monophonic Synthesizer

http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=48438CAC0E45FD4B The Yamaha CS-05 is a single oscillator monophonic synthesizer, released in 1979, that has been described as “an unremarkable synth”: It was a one oscillator job with a single ADSR envelope that controlled both the filter and the final amplifier. A simple LFO was provided for modulation and it also had a noise generator… Read More Yamaha CS5 Analog Monophonic Synthesizer

The OSCar Monosynth

Overview: The Oxford Synthesiser Company (OSC) OSCar is a vintage mono-synthesizer, first released in 1983. It features two digitally controlled oscillators and twin 12dB filters, which can be configured as lowpass, highpass and bandpass filters. It also featured some early digital capabilities, like patch memory and a basic sequencer. An unusual feature of the Oscar was it’s additive… Read More The OSCar Monosynth