Deckadance Mobile For The iPad

Image Line has released Deckadance Mobile for the iPad:

Load music from your iTunes library and mix, scratch or loop up a storm.
When you are ready to kick back, use the automix feature and let Deckadance mix up your playlists for you.

Key Features:

  • Beat detection and autosync – Tap the SYNC button on a deck to sync its tempo to that of the opposite deck.
  • Left / Right deck faders & Tempo control with nudge – Individual deck volume faders and X-fader.
  • Cue points – Add up to 4 cue points per-track per-deck. Select CUES from the mode window. Tap Rec and a cue memory slot to save the current playback cursor position. Alternatively, with the track stopped press the CUE button to set a cue point. When playing the CUE button jumps back to the cue point and pauses.
  • Automix – Select the AUTOMIX tab and music source to hear your selected music automixed.
  • Equalizer – From the EQ mode window adjust Low, Mid and High equalization.
  • Waveform view – Inspect beat alignment from the WAV mode window.
  • Loop – After Deckadance mobile automatically detects the beat, from the mode window select 32 to 1/32nd beat loops and tap the Loop button on the deck to engage.
  • Sampler – 5 assignable sampler slots per deck. Play from included sample libraries from the mode window.
  • Play effects – From the mode window hold Stutter, Turntable, Censor, Break or (back)Spin to add the effect.
  • X/Y effects – From the FX tab choose Ring-Mod, Lo-Pass, Hi-Pass or Tap-Delay effects and control them from the X/Y pad.

Deckadance Mobile is $3.99 in the App Store.

4 thoughts on “Deckadance Mobile For The iPad

  1. Anyone tried this yet? I know there are a bunch of dj apps now. I don’t have one yet and want to pick up one. The best one. At this price i’m tempted to give it a shot.
    Reviews on this?

    ( i have an ipad1 and have tried the free djay iphone version. Like it but don’t know if it’s the best around. Crossdj looks good, better but maybe not stable on ipad1)

  2. What about importing beatmarks from the Pc version ? so to save time in re-setting markers for my 100 + tracks playlist for which i have already set the marks (in Deckadance on PC) and it took quite some time..

    also Why isn’t monitoring available ???

  3. I purchased this one as well as dJay… I also own Deckadance for the Mac (which I really like). That said, this app has a lot of promise but is missing some important goodies (such as recording a mix). It is usable and the beat-detection seems to work well.
    I would bet this app will evolve well… So pick it up and give the developers more incentive! A very good start… Just needs some work… It does seem stable though! (a feat to itself these days it seems)

  4. So i just picked it up. Sorry to report that it is not stable on my ipad1, but who has an ipad1 anymore? My expectations were kind of low(as far as stability) but it says compatible with “ipad” so i gave it a shot. It works 90% smoothly, but does stutter a bit when loading one deck while the other is playing, the turntables are not completely smooth when scratching, and it just crashed on me while i was playing with the effects.
    This is all on my ipad1 though and if it worked smoothly i’d like it fine. Hopefully they can fix it up for my old hardware otherwise it really should say ipad2 and up.
    If you have an ipad2/3 might want to try it out otherwise might want to hold off for now. It does seem like a good start though.

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