AudioRealism Bringing TB-303 Acid Bassline Synth To Reason

AudioRealism has announced that it will be bringing ABL2 – a virtual Roland TB-303 – to Propellerhead Reason as a Rack Extension:

We are happy to announce our first Rack Extension for the upcoming Reason 6.5 release: ABL2 for Reason! Featuring the same 303-engine that ABL2 has. It does not contain a built-in sequencer, but works great with Reason’s Matrix Pattern Sequencer!

Disclaimer: This is a preview only, things may change for the final release.

Pricing and availability are to be announced.

4 thoughts on “AudioRealism Bringing TB-303 Acid Bassline Synth To Reason

  1. More and more companies are joining the Re volution. That is so cool for Reason users like me as each new module makes every other modules better or crazier.

  2. I love their TechnoBox for iPhone as a sketch pad. Too bad there’s no sequencer on board. It’s not as easy to translate a Matrix pattern to a real 303. Still, it’ll look better in the rack than a combinator.

  3. I have the vst version and v1.0 of rack ext is more of a prototype compared to it. Maybe it is just me but it didn’t sound as good as my vst version or it isn’t as useful within Reason. Maybe it is the way the built in sequencer and menu options of the vst version makes it so easy to create and alter patterns. Personally, I’m going to wait for a future version, unless they allow current vst owners to get a free rack ext version. 😉

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