Micro Phasemonger – New Analog Phaser Effect (Sneak Preview)

This video, via synthmonger, is an audio demo of the Micro Phasemonger analog phaser:

The micro Phasemonger is a 4 stage Phaser. The stages are controlled by a high frequency VCO. Underclocking the VCO causes an aliasing effect similar to that of bit crushing. I haven’t seen any other manufacturer do this with their phaser designs so I’m claiming mine as a world first. 😉

It is completely analog. No DSP.

Pricing and availability are TBA.


5 thoughts on “Micro Phasemonger – New Analog Phaser Effect (Sneak Preview)

  1. Very cool effect. Looking forward to more sample vids. I’ve been producing a similar effect by running a square wave (and other types of waves) from my mp201 into the frequency on the moog ring mod

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