FXpansion Etch Red Reason Rack Extension (Sneak Preview)

FXpansion has released this teaser for Etch Red, an upcoming Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason:

FXpansion Etch Red: an exciting and great-sounding filtering effect based on DCAM circuit-modelled technology and now available as a Reason Rack Extension.

Etch Red features dual filters with 38 available filter responses, realistic audio-rate FM, flexible routing, additional drive & compression stages, and our unique TransMod modulation system with 2 LFOs, envelopes and more.

Details are to come.

16 thoughts on “FXpansion Etch Red Reason Rack Extension (Sneak Preview)

  1. Looks interesting but I’m really curious to know what the pricing is going to be on these REs. I mean it’s only usable in Reason so it’s not like when you buy a plugin and you can use it as VST/AU/RTAS and standalone. So I hope they don’t try to charge as much a regular VST. On the other hand some people will say they should charge more since Propellerhead’s store takes 30% of the price…but on the other hand it’s also protected by Propellerhead’s dongle so piracy won’t be a factor.

    Also I hope Reason doesn’t stop adding their own instruments to Reason in future updates…although really what I hope for in new updates are more workflow improvements. As great as Reason is i just can’t seem to use it as efficiently as Logic or FL Studio, maybe that’s my fault but I do think there could be usability improvements.

    1. “but on the other hand it’s also protected by Propellerhead’s dongle so piracy won’t be a factor.”

      Haha, that’s funny….

        1. Copy protection is an arms race. As soon as someone cracks Reason 6.5, Propellerheads will introduce their patented “Dongle Extension” technology in Reason 7.

  2. +1 I LOVE everything about Reason except the workflow. To be more precise, as a heavy Logic user I’m used to such different key commands. If I could customize a few of those in Reason, I’d be using it more than I do. I just can’t get around fast enough on it.

  3. I use Reason exclusively now (old cubase fan since the Pro 24 on the Atari ST).
    I love the workflow.
    The developper should charge whatever they feel like and let the market, meaning US to decide ( for a whole full month by the way) if the purchase is justified or not.
    Never cared about VST or rewire.

  4. I’m curious to see future updates to rewire myself….I love it, but I’m damn sure with 43s ill be using it a lot less. I’m willing to bet a $50-$100 price range for REs. Either way, still very exciting

  5. Cute, but WHEN will people understand how very badly the Reason environment needs some decent, good-sounding synthesizers?

    From what I can see Urs Heckman understands, and hopefully the Re version of Diva will be out soon.

    End the suffering already! Where’s SynthSquad Re???

    1. I hope he doesn’t just release a Reason version of Diva or ACE because then the buyer will have to decide do I want the VST version or the Reason version. I hope he does an new exclusive for them instead.

    2. Lots of people get fantastic synth sounds out of Reason using the mighty Thor, Malström, and even the lowly Subtractor. CV-style patching + combinators gives you even more possibilities. Moreover, they give you massive sound without grinding your CPU to a halt.

      I’m a huge fan of all of Reason’s instruments and wish there were Audio Unit versions of them to use with Live and other programs, but ReWire fills the gap for the moment. 😉

  6. Regarding an earlier post here, what I want in a future Reason update is a midi out function and a master tune located near the tempo and it can be automated.

    Any way on the topic of RE’s i would whip out $35 for a rack extension if i thought it was great, and i havent seen a crappy one yet, maybe even an incorporation of what they did with free combinators. RE’s made by beginners or newcomers that will sell really cheap, they could even just be utilities, and for more developed RE’s the price would obviously be more, but i have got to say, Propellorhead demonstrates Reason in such a way that they are marketing to maybe hobbyists and home producers/song writers, and those kind of people “myself included” dont have $80 to $100 laying around just ready to pounce on every amazing RE that comes out as im sure they all will be. im more likely to buy a new RE 3 to 4 times a year if they cost$ 35 to $40 but if its over that or even near $100 they will be luck to see me purchasing more than once a year.

    1. Yeah, I wish that Reason had MIDI out too. ReWire kind of works (sync with another DAW or sequencer) but especially with recording I wish I could sequence my MIDI gear along with Reason’s synths without leaving Reason. But Reason + Live has been a standby for a long time and I’m tempted by Reason + Logic…

  7. I’m surprised that Propellerheads want a slice of the profits developers make on selling the extensions. Third party developers would have oodles more incentive to produce instruments and effects if they could keep all proceeds. Apart from quality control, I would not meddle in the affairs of a developer. I think the rate of quality releases would be much higher, and prices probably lower, if they just stayed out of it.

    1. You just have to look at what you’re getting as a developer for the 30%. All the testing, hosting, distribution and licensing issues are taken care of by Propellerhead. Basically the dev just has to worry about marketing, but even then just being in the Prop shop gives them some exposure.

      Besides at this point I only buy software from people in the Apple appstore, Native instruments or Propellerhead. I hate having a million different AUs from random places with a bunch of different logins and download locations etc. total waste of time if you get a new laptop/workstation etc.

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