Free New York Style Compressor For Ableton Live

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from AfroDJMac – but he’s back with another freebie for Synthtopia readers:

Greetings Synthtopians!

I’m writing with news of Free Ableton Pack #58: New York Style Compressor. This Ableton audio effect rack is set up for quick and easy parallel compression.

The macro knobs are all of your most commonly used controls for a compressor and allow you to mix the compressed signal with the original.

AfroDJMac has a brief description of how a compressor works at his site, along with details on the download.

See the video below for an overview:

If you give this a try, let us know what you think of it!

7 thoughts on “Free New York Style Compressor For Ableton Live

  1. Cuz its a community dude. And clearly this guy is one of “us”. And by “us”, it’s clearly obvious I mean like-minded people, and this like minded person is going out of his way to help people like you (I said like you, not you, cuz you’re a douche), so why don’t you lay off the dude.

    Also, if you have something insightful to share that would put “this guy’s stuff” to shame, nows about the best time to go ahead and show us all what you got, genius.

  2. Love afro dj mak have 12 of his creations love using them love the cool videos love the glassese if u don’t like it why watch?

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