iOS 6 Won’t Kill AudioBus

AudiobusThere’s been a ton of buzz and speculation about the future of audio apps on iOS since Apple’s WWDC announcement of iOS 6, which will include inter-app audio, audio and video sampling, ‘multi-route’ audio support and more.

Unfortunately, Apple has provided no details on these announcements yet. And iOS 6 developers are under non-disclosure agreements and can’t talk about unreleased features.

One things for sure, though, iOS 6 won’t kill AudioBus, the independently developed ‘virtual mixing board and FX processor for iOS’.

Today, the AudioBus team offered their reaction to the iOS announcements:

We (the Audiobus team) are not concerned in the slightest.

Audiobus is going to be submitted to Apple in the coming weeks.

If you’re one of the over 300 developers who have signed up to include Audiobus in their apps you should definitely check out the Apple dev forums link.

The bottom line: audio on iOS is about to get a lot more interesting.

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17 thoughts on “iOS 6 Won’t Kill AudioBus

  1. Great. As I said in the previous IOS6 article, Audiobus can still be very useful if IOS6 doesnt do audio over wifi ,
    and even more so if IOS6 still doesnt give CCK compatability to iphone/ ipod touch devices.

  2. there is no guarantee of audiobus being approved, on audiobus q+a on their site they even admit its a risk, a big one

  3. From audiobus q+a, just don’t get too excited..

    Is Apple on board to approve this protocol or could there be some hurdles there?

    We’ve tried to get a clear reply from Apple developer support regarding the feasibility of what we’re planning to do with Audiobus. Their exact words were:

    “The idea is great – so I would encourage you to submit an app that makes the case strongly. The review team will take everything into consideration when they receive a ‘grey area’ app.”
    We don’t know how Apple App Review is going to think about it but they don’t accept any input from outside (and even most sources inside of Apple). That being said, if you’re good friends with the person who’s responsible for giving the final thumbs up on apps – drop us a line, please?

    In the mean time we’re going to give this our best shot while minimizing risk for other developers by making it very easy to add Audiobus to their apps.

  4. We all hope audiobus gets approved, me too, but taking all things into consideration and all the hype and anticipation, I feel we must be calm down a wee bit. We are guaranteed of iOS6 but none apart from apple know its full capacity for music making, devs have the incomplete beta only. But audiobus, or any app for that matter, what to speak of one with grey areas, is not guaranteed approval by apple. I also feel the terms inter app audio and multi route audio should be taken literally and when time is right, we will find out what this means for us. No point getting excited just yet..

  5. I’d be very surprised if apple doesn’t approve audio bus. They’ve worked with devs quite a bit to get interesting things in the app store. Most of the big apps that haven’t made the cut were due to money issues or ego issues, or both. Count on it.

  6. Hogo, it’s not that simple, wish it were but it’s wrong to count on something of this nature. as mentioned, we all want it to happen but there is a huge chance it may not, ask the developers themselves why they posted to that effect on their q+a, another developer told me he is willing to bet it won’t get approved and told me why. The details he gave me convinced me it’s a very likely scenario

  7. Oh well
    They can release it on the jailbreak market
    This is one strong reason to JB if you haven’t already …..and will be great along with the improved multitasking app Quasar

    1. The bad part about Jailbreaking is that your iDevice gets significantly slower- especially if you have big, CPU consuming apps like Quasar installed, possibly (i haven’t tried the app yet…)

    1. The audiobus dev commented on the other thread, about ios 6.

      Honestly, I don’t think most commenters here know more than the actual developers do…

  8. What if a commenter were actually a dev? And knew that even the devs don’t know much about all this right now? The point again is that ONLY apple know the full story, BTW, audiobus dev didn’t comment, he was QUOTED, unless I missed something

    1. We’ve been in communication with several developers. They said that they didn’t have information yet to not disclose.

  9. @zymos(Webb)- sorry I don’t hang out on threads after 24 hrs, it gets stale,but it’s not ios6 they are worried about, it’s the grey areas
    @synthhead-yes that’s my point, devs are being spoonfed, the only conclusion we can jump to is that ios6 will be an improvement

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