MIDI Control In AmpliTube 2.5 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

AmpliTube 2.5 is a major upgrade for AmpliTube, a guitar amp and FX app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It now also includes full MIDI control and Digital Audio in and out.

MIDI control

Now you can control AmpliTube 2.5 remotely using an iOS compatible MIDI interface, like iRig MIDI, a standard foot controller or any other MIDI controller. This lets you:

  • Send preset up and down commands
  • Assign presets to switches or other controls, and
  • Control any amp or FX parameter with the learn function

Preset up/down: To assign a Preset UP controller, tap SETUP on the bottom bar. Tap “Learn” next to to Preset UP. Then tap or turn the knob you want to assign on your MIDI controller. Once a number appears, you have confirmation that the Preset UP controller has been assigned. Repeat this same process to assign the Preset DOWN controller.

Assign preset: AmpliTube has a memory system that enables you to store your signal chain settings in two ways: as a FAVORITE or as a PRESET.

Access the Presets by tapping the PRESET button at the bottom left of the app. Favorites are accessed by the four Favorite buttons at the bottom of the app, and Presets are organized into Categories and accessed via these Category folders. To open a Category to get to the Presets inside, simply tap the Category name, and the Presets will appear. To add a Category, tap the + button, and then enter the name of the Category. To add a Preset, tap the Category folder, then tap + to add a Preset within that Category.

Parameters control with learn function: To view all the parameters that are assigned to MIDI Continuous Controllers, tap the MIDI button on the bottom bar. The MIDI ASSIGN panel will appear and allow you to select a parameter, then edit the Continuous Controller assignment or delete unused or wrong assignments. To assign a Continuous Controller to an AmpliTube parameter, tap and hold the knob or switch on an Amp or a Stomp. A message will then tell you that the application is waiting for a valid MIDI Continuous Controller message from your attached MIDI Device. Move the controller on your MIDI device.

The message will be dismissed, and the selected parameter will turn yellow to indicate that it is now set to receive MIDI messages from the controller you assigned.

AmpliTube is available in the App Store for $19.99.

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