Korg Monotron vs. WerkBench

Reader Karl Scholz demonstrates beatmaking using the Korg Monotron and the WerkBench live sampling sequencer for iPad.

“WerkBench for iPad is a perfect companion for this quirky analog synth,” says Scholz.  “All sounds came from the Monotron and were recorded into WerkBench in real-time.”
WerkBench is available in the App Store for $6.99.

If you’ve used WerkBench, let us know what you think of it!

9 thoughts on “Korg Monotron vs. WerkBench

  1. Well, yes I use Werkbench, but not like _that_; this is cool and inspiring. I love when people push something beyond it’s apparent boundaries. Too be clear, you can’t chain patterns into “songs” in Werkbench which makes this video even more impressive.

  2. That was great, and unbelievable! This is why I love YouTube more than Soundcloud–this sounded great, and on Soundcloud it would still sound great. But when you SEE it created, it’s unbelievable and great. Remember a couple of months ago there was that picture of people sitting around Starbucks making music by tapping their iPads and we all kind of laughed? Ooops! I still react badly to seeing the fingers tapping at the iPad, but the music speaks for itself, and I know I have to re-calibrate my brain and reactions because this is good stuff.

  3. Looks great!
    This is how intuitive interfaces should be. I’m not crazy about the graphics though, I prefer minimalistic designs to wood textures.
    Anyway, it looks really useable, as opposed to Maschine, which is collecting dust on my table, because it’s such a pain to use, especially the software side of it.

  4. id love to do something similar in ableton with my monotribe. Anybody got any tips on a similar kind of live sampling/sequencer?

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