7 thoughts on “Rob Papens Blade Synthesizer Review

  1. very interesting sounds… i’ve always been interested in additive synths but i’m still hesitant to purchase software

    Mark, is that Fall Machine sound just additive synthesis and no fx? sounded really interesting

    1. It’s complex. It’s additive + ring modulator + comb filter (modulated by xy) + Low Pass (with y modulate freq) + Reverb. There is a demo you can try. The big thing for me is it has the same FX as Predator including the modulation possibilities plus XY can modulate FX. It’s pretty amazing.

  2. I like Nick Batt and Gaz Williams, but this guy’s crazy wardrobe and style definitely wins. I liked his other reviews also.

    Channeling Mad Max/Adam Ant is one thing. I think I would lose it though if they found a steampunk guy who’s trying to channel Jules Verne.

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