A New Synthesized Version Of Holsts’ The Planets

Free Music Friday: Reader Mike Leghorn has completed the last section, Neptune, of his new synthesized arrangement of Holst’s The Planets.

Leghorn follows in the tradition of classitronica arrangements by Isao Tomita, Wendy Carlos and others.

I’ve embedded Leghorn’s complete The Planets below – though it hasn’t been updated with Neptune, yet. Give it a listen and leave a comment with your thoughts!

5 thoughts on “A New Synthesized Version Of Holsts’ The Planets

  1. Expertly done as are all the other movements, but he’s missed a trick here. We already have numerous synthetic reworkings of classical music in the same 70s/early 80s vein, and he could’ve knocked them all out the park by making his take on them a bit more current sounding. I’m not saying he needs more “wobble”, just a bit more forward thinking in his sound palette.

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