New Film Features Soundtrack Created On iPhone, iPad

4Pockets Audio, creator of Aurora Sound Studio & Meteor Multi-Track Recorder, reports that a new movie, Gothic Assassins, features a soundtrack created using iPads and iPhones:

The new Milos Twilight movie Gothic Assassins due for release shortly has a soundtrack entirely composed on Apple iPad’s and iPhones. Whilst many might have branded Milos as mad when they first heard his concept for creating his soundtrack check out some of these tracks to see just what he has accomplished.

Milos used a range of apps including Meteor Multitrack Recorder, Aurora Sound Studio HD and StompBox.

Here are a few tracks from the soundtrack:

via 4PocketsAudio, PalmSounds

11 thoughts on “New Film Features Soundtrack Created On iPhone, iPad

  1. Seriously. Would you have featured this soundtrack if it was composed on a laptop or for an orchestra? If not, does the fact that the creator used iOS devices make this kind of interesting enough, does it make the music better, does it show us the future of music making?

    1. Yes it does show us the A future of music making as some people, maybe no you, kept calling the iOS platform a toy for musicians.

      1. you didn’t really get my point. I agree that iOS and tablets may very well be part of the future of electronic music, but what does this score tell us about it? That’s my question.

    2. Everyone knows goths create the future. If goths are doing something one way today, tomorrow we’ll all be doing it that way. The future is limitless undying iOS goth.

      1. Just fyi, the tagline for this goth movie is “Limitless Undying Faith” and that phrase sounded familiar to me, but I couldn’t place it. Someone reminded me of the John Lennon lyrics from “Across the Universe:”

        Limitless undying love
        Which shines around me
        Like a million suns
        It calls me on and on
        Across the universe

        Just in case anyone has a bad memory like me but thought the phrase “limitless undying” sounded familiar, there you are.

    1. He used a multitrack recorder as one of the app. So he could have rented a whole choir and strings with expensive microphones too and then say it was produced on the iOS machines. Maybe it was not just limited to only virtual synths. Hopefully he will describe in details his technique.

  2. I think that in the next future IOS will be used in a lot of fields, in musical matter… as it will improve his yet good features, music maker will change many of their behaviours…

  3. There is already a band that has received some press for recording entirely an album (power pop) with iOS, among others the Multitrack DAW app. On the other end of the spectrum, people in the experimental/industrial/noise scene turn all to often to analog mixers and 4 or 8-track recorders, so I think the question is not really is iOS the future, but will we continue to see a decline in profesional studios while the bedroom/kitchen sink studios will gain more and more ground? And if so how does that impact the music industry?

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