The 18 MoogerFooger Modular Synth

Saturday Synth Porn: Reader Rob Batke wrote us about this 18 Moogerfooger modular synth:

I was thinking with the release of the new Mooger Fooger that you might be interested in a couple videos. Lyle Bell (Shout Out Out Out Out) compiled 18 MoogerFooger pedals together to create one giant MF modular synth.

While Moog doesn’t make synth modules, per se, they can be used in a modular way. See also the Moogertron.

via Rob Batke, auxgang


8 thoughts on “The 18 MoogerFooger Modular Synth

  1. Very cool! Would love to see annotations for pedal function and signal flow as I’m not very familiar with Moog pedals.

    1. Haha, there are annotations at the end.

      It’s an innovative way to set up a collaborative performance. With electronic jams it’s hard to non-verbally communicate with other people because your eyes are focused in front of you on the controls or worse you’re immersed in a screen and also the performers can’t see what’s going on in front of the others to respond to that either, like a light blinking to indicate LFO rate, a slider moving up on a screen, etc.

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