Access Virus TI OS 5.0 Brings New Filters, Envelopes

Access has just released their public beta of Virus TI OS v5.0, which features new filters and new envelopes.

According to Access:

OS5 gives you what thousands of Virus users always wanted: additional envelopes and new filters. The new operating system represents a new milestone and enables you to create sounds which were simply impossible with previous operating system versions.

Here’s what’s new:

Envelopes: This updates adds two fully fledged envelopes, enabling you to create sounds. Here’s a video introduction for the new envelopes:

Filters: 7 additional filters add character and performability. Some even go beyond conventional physics and cannot be reproduced with analog circuit design.

OS5 is available free of charge as a public beta version. The new operating system is available for all Virus TI synthesizers, including the first Virus TI from 2005 and the Virus TI Snow. All your old patches will stay compatible.

If you’ve tried the new Virus TI OS 5, let us know what you think of it!

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13 thoughts on “Access Virus TI OS 5.0 Brings New Filters, Envelopes

  1. Those were all beautiful sounds and you have great control over the matrix with the Virus.

    However, I cannot get out of my mind that amazing thread from a few days back where the person used a Korg Monotron with an iPad running Werkbench.

    I’m sure the Virus can do vastly more than the combination of a Monotron and Werkbench. But the Korg Monotron and the iPad with Werkbench do SO MUCH that the TI Virus just looks so old fashioned to me, so yesterday. I’m sure the TI Virus users are very happy people making beautiful music. But it just looks to me like the people going with the simple stuff, the iPad with Werkbench/Monotron way, are having more fun, and I can’t help but think the fun will be heard one way or another in the music the people make.

      1. My mind has changed about this over the last few months. I was kind of dubious about the iPad a while ago. But the granular synth tools for the iPad are cool. And that thread from a few days with the Monotron and Werkbench knocked me out. I wouldn’t even have to think hard now: I would take the iPad and the Monotron.

      2. As an owner of all three, I would go with the Virus w/o hesitation. The only think I wouldn’t (and don’t) look forward to is updating the Virus. I’m stuck on OS 4.0something… I’ll try 5, because it looks so tasty, but I expect the update to bail just like 4.5. Their tech support, while responsive, isn’t very effective at solving my issue….. and yes, even with an outdated OS, I would still choose the Virus. In the long run, it just seems more versatile to me. Both are fun, but in different ways. I’m not sure you can say one is greater than the other.

        That said, I’m anxiously awaiting for that Waldorf app.

  2. The Virus is an incredibly powerful instrument, no doubt. I do not own one but I’ve had many opportunities to mess around with its various incarnations …

    For those of us on a tighter budget looking for the same kind of integration between PC patch sculpting / VSTi and physical, hands on instrument experience, the Novation Ultranova is an interesting alternative I think.

  3. I owned a Virus TI from Version 1. Sold it a year ago and have never missed it. It was feeling tired (the USB speed limited it’s total integration) and I’m surprised Access are still running a one horse race. It’s an awesome synth, but the software changes don’t make up for it. Now a modular TI System would have me back again.

  4. I have both iPad and Virus TI. My Ti could never be replaced. I have been an access owner for 7 years now. It has its own sound and is extremely fast to use. I hate the bugs and will wait on OS5, but even with all that i still go to it every single time. I love this synth. Still the best damn VA i’v had the pleasure to work with and might buckle and try OS5

  5. I don’t even have a TI, but its always nice to see what new sorcery TI owners are gettung next, even after all these years. I admire its long legs so much, that I’m surely going to get Access’s next synth.

  6. Ive owned a VirusTI since it was released in 2005 and I have to agree with Mark, not only is it the best VA Ive ever used, its the best synth Ive ever used. Being and avid gear collector since 1988 and Ive run through my share of synths. And after selling my entire studio off two years ago for a more streamlined mobile set up, the TI is the only synth I still have left which is tied into 90% of all projects I have.

    Once you’ve tried it, Virus Control integration is hard to live without. Ive never had any hassles having to make sure everything is patched up correctly in a project the way Ive had with older hardware and its always made me wish older synths could be integrated the same way. I also use the TI as a dedicated effects unit for my bass and vocal effects which saves me the trouble of having to purchase a separate fx unit. It’s just an incredibly versatile machine.

    Another great thing about the TI is you’re never short of new developments. Just about every os upgrade has a new feature added. And after seven years from its initial release, Access is still adding new features to the Virus line.Try finding that kind of commitment to a product from any other company out at the moment.

    It might seem expensive and there are plenty of people who have different opinions about the Virus TI… but thats like any other piece of kit. I personally feel you really have to spend time with it in order to get the most out of it and considering the amount of time the developers take to enhance the TI as well as their excellent customer service, its well worth the price.

  7. And still no update for the “dead” C series. Even with a less powerful DSP, it’s the same engine, then accepting a reduction of polyphony on some conetxts could be acceptable. They should really take car of their long time users, isn’t it ?

    1. If it’s still working, after all these years, they have. That’s the main reason i grabbed one; all the previous versions for sale, that would say still in perfect working order. After 3 abusive, (including sexual), years, mine is still without a single, (emotional or otherwise), issue.

  8. I have a TI i will try this 5 and i let you know guys. about the TI, i have few software synth and i had few analog, what i can say is that if you know how to take out sounds form a synth, all the synths are cool!
    at moment i like TI , cyclop and diva. these are the one i use most, the TI is cool because with all the knobs is very nice to use with ableton and the apc 40.

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