Fabio Lendrum Performs Out The Water On Emulator


Sunday Synth Jam: This trance peformance by Fabio Lendrum of Out The Water features live vocals and effective use of a Smithson Martin Emulator DVS to add immediacy to the performance, interesting visuals and a clear connection between Lendrum’s actions and the music.

4 thoughts on “Fabio Lendrum Performs Out The Water On Emulator

  1. If there was more EDM like this, I wouldn’t hate it so much. Where can I buy this song? Amazing, amazing vocals. And that Emulator thing looks really nice.

  2. Maybe deadmau5 would complain that you could learn to do this in an hour and that it’s basically trance karaoke, but I think the live vocals + visualized control surface + pleasant music make for a pretty engaging “live” performance. It also makes me want the iPad version of the control surface. 😉

    Adding “live” instruments – vocals, keyboards, guitar, theremin, etc. – to a sequenced performance makes it seem like less of a “just press play” experience, and it’s nice (and actually somewhat educational) to be able to see what’s going on DJ/sequence-wise.

    1. I really liked this too – he’s a good vocalist, and he obviously knows ho to make good use of live effects processing.

      The screen is pretty to look at and also makes what he’s doing a lOt more understandable.

  3. I hate watching these Emulator videos, it’s just so damn tortuous. I REALLY want one, but they’re just so expensive. Maybe I’ll take a cue from Jemaine on Flight of the Conchords and become a man whore. Or perhaps I’ll go Breaking Bad mode and cook up some killer meth. Then I’ll rock my Emulator and my stage name will be DJ Herpe Crank.

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