MonoSynth Controller For Mssiah C64 Synth Cartridge

MonoSynth Controller for Mssiah is a free app for the iPad that lets you control Mssiah on the Commodore 64.

Mssiah is a MIDI cardridge for the C64 that lets you control the mono synthesizer component of Mssiah via a MIDI connection.

Features of MonoSynth Controller for Mssiah:

  • load/save patches
  • generate random patches
  • share your patches with your friends (itunes file sharing enabled)

You can preview MonoSynth Controller below:

Note: This app is not an official app, but ‘a little homemade project to support the mssiah comm’. A Commodore 64 and the Mssiah-Midi-Modul is required.

MonoSynth Controller is a free download from the App Store.

3 thoughts on “MonoSynth Controller For Mssiah C64 Synth Cartridge

  1. this is great, because the main hassle with MSSIAH is saving patches, and twisting knobs with the joystick also is a bit of a mess…
    I haven’t used my MSSIAH for ages, ever since I built myself a SammichSID…

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