Retronyms’ Drum Deranger For Miselu Neiro (Sneak Preview)

This a sneak preview of Retronyms’ Drum Deranger for the Miselu Neiro – a x0x style drum machine application:

While the Neiro screen and hardware integration look interesting, the benefits of this vs using a more general and relatively inexpensive tablet like the iPad remain to be seen.

via miseluinc

8 thoughts on “Retronyms’ Drum Deranger For Miselu Neiro (Sneak Preview)

  1. I really really hope the UI on the touch screen was just for demo purposes… Rotary control wheels to switch between parameters? That’s the worst combination of virtual controls emulating physical devices I can think of!

    The device seems very intesting and I can’t wait to see how they position it in relation to all the tablets out there. So far there’s nothing here that can’t be done on an iPad.

  2. This seems like the worst idea for a product I’ve seen in years. The iPad can do almost anything, and more and more vendors seem to be offering programs for the iPad to interface with synths. So what’s the point of a novelty synth like this? The TE OP-1 still looks cool to me, but the OP-1 doesn’t seem to be taking the world by storm, a lot of people just laugh at it, and the Neiro looks clunky compared to the OP-1. I think they need to cut their losses and get out now. Or totally re-design it around just its Yamaha sound chip but make it an easy hardware add-on to an iPad.

  3. I think it’s a neat and creative idea which is probably doomed since mainstream tablets are going to have a much better app selection and don’t come bolted to a clunky keyboard.

    On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind something like this that connects to the iPad!!

    And you never know what Tetsuya Mizuguchi may come up with.

  4. As suspected — the screen flexes and the whole thing will tip over if you poke the screen.
    Note how he always has the other hand on the keyboard while fiddling parameters.

    Non-optimal ergonomics.

  5. I don’t need many apps, I just want really good apps, but…

    While I was very excited to see this device, its frustrating to STILL see the same demo than, what, a year a go, with even the “excuse me for the bugs” and all, of a very simple app. The Korgs presence, even if only with one app, is some what reassuring, but they would have to start showing some exciting stuff.

  6. This video is of the original software that was at SXSW. I can say that Miselu and it’s partners have improved the product quite a bit since then. The latency is great, and partners like Korg are going to make something unique here.

  7. I’ve found that multitouch screens work better if they are a) mounted on a rigid stand of some sort b) on your desk, or c) in your hands.

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