9 thoughts on “Grimes – Live Performance

  1. i dont know why but that last extra track she played sounded like orbital to me…

    Anyway she definitely has alot of practice to do with her sets , maybe with some gear that can put it all in one place, but this video shows just how performing electronic music live is both a challenge and memorizing with so much to think about at one time, quite different than a traditional musician with only one instrument.

  2. anybody know what that device is on her left – some kind of sampler? the silver thing with the square buttons that light up…

  3. She is absolutely adorable. My girlfriend introduced me to her, and despite my leanings toward the darker side of electronic music, I actually like a lot of her stuff. What a little cutie, I love how she gets all into it when she drops the beat on Genesis. Sure, she could use a little work on her performance but I’m sure she’ll progress. I definitely wouldn’t turn down a kiss from her.

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  5. I’m underwhelmed with this performance, as 99% of the music was been played by her iTunes on her phone….

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