Why The Internet Is Not Complete

Reader Keith Handy brought this though-provoking Venn infographic to our attention, provoking thoughts at the Synthtopia Electronic Music Blogging Laboratory.

While we like to think we cover it all, or at least the things that matter. But, apparently there’s more out there than synths, synth babes & synth cats – there’s the intersection of synths, babes & cats. Which we’re kind of hoping involves Catwoman with a keytar.

Let us know if you’ve got thoughts on this – and how the Internet could be made complete!

17 thoughts on “Why The Internet Is Not Complete

  1. Why is this site Objectifying women? As a female musician, it doesn’t make me feel very welcome here!

    1. Midi Grrrl – no offense intended. We try to stick to synths, but testosterone and pure unadulterated kitty cuteness sometimes do get the best of us.

  2. UH OH, The iCops are here. Grrly, if your seriously believing everyone isn’t objectified then we’ll start a synthtopia calender for women where you can objectify us.

    [Personal attack deleted]

    1. zombitron –

      We try to make sure that readers and their opinions are always treated with respect. Trash us, if you like, but keep comments directed at other readers constructive.

      About that calendar – something tells me that the Synth Nerd 2013 calendar isn’t going to be the next “50 Shades Of Gray”. If only.

      Keep the ideas coming, though.

  3. A pretty woman (preferably called Kitty, or katja) performing with an Octave the cat synth making vocal vowel like noises.. aaah, wow, wheee and miauwwww

  4. Instead of asking for our thoughts on this intersection of synths, babes & cats, why not ask for our best photo?

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