Electronic Music Works EMW-200 Review

Atomic Shadow has posted a review of the new Electronic Music Works EMW-200 synthesizer – a modern take on the vintageĀ ElectroComp EML-200.

In no time at all you have soundscapes from alien worlds (kind of my thing I guess), squiggly beeps and tweets, atonal ring modulated moaning, hissing and banging.

It has all of the fundamental building blocks of electronic sound in one nicely designed package.

This not some cheap toy. It is well built, solid, with wooden end panels. There are no menus or memories, just knobs and patch cords, the way God intended. Last night as I recorded the demo I thought that this thing is sort of the VCS3 that I will never be able to afford.

The Electronic Music Works EMW-200 synthesizer is priced at $1,299 and is available via the EMW site.

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6 thoughts on “Electronic Music Works EMW-200 Review

  1. I couldn’t find this thing anywhere on their website. Am I missing something? I’ve been eying a few this company’s items for a while. This looks really cool. But I swear it’s no where on their website.

    1. There doesn’t seem to be updated with this info yet.

      Why do so many small synth companies never update their sites? I’ve got the same beef with MacBeth’s site.

      How do they expect people to buy their gear if they don’t put up specs & prices?

  2. I don’t get why synth reviewers are so impressed by wooden end panels. But that seems to be the sine qua non, in their minds, for quality synthesizers. But certainly there are more expensive materials, like gold or silver. And there are certainly materials that have greater structural characteristics, like titanium, or stainless steal, or graphite.

    In my mind, wooden end pieces just make these things look like they’re 50 years old.

    Remember the original (cheap) Crate amplifiers, that were actually covered in driftwood?

  3. I mentioned the wood because… they’re wood. I would have mentioned if they were made out of gold for the same reason. It’s a review.

    The price is $1,299.00.

    It is not yet on their site. You can order by writing [email protected]. I paid via PayPal and it was shipped via the postal service in Brazil, with a tracking number provided that worked on the USPS once it made it to the States.

  4. knobs and patch cables, the “way god intended”? menus are fine – just learn them as you would patch cable locations. carbon fiber would be much cooler than wood.

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