MIDIConnect Anytime, Anywhere MIDI Interface For iOS Now Available

Griffin Technology has announced the immediate availability of MIDIConnect, a new MIDI in and out interface for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad.

MIDIConnect adds a MIDI input and output to iOS devices. MIDIConnect allows you to plug MIDI keyboards and other MIDI-capable devices into an iPad, iPod touch or iPhone.

Play your MIDI instrument straight into GarageBand or other MIDI-capable apps, or download MIDI Controller apps to use the MIDI out port and your touchscreen in performance, as a MIDI controller. Both MIDI in and out ports are industry-standard 5-pin DIN connectors, compatible with most commonly available MIDI cables and connectors.

The company positions the MIDIConnect as an Anytime, Anywhere MIDI interface:

MIDIConnect is now available for $79.99.

19 thoughts on “MIDIConnect Anytime, Anywhere MIDI Interface For iOS Now Available

  1. Fills a definite need re: connectivity. It’s easy to start piling on the wish list, but the main thing would be to add a little DC power jack so one could charge via the wall while still working. I don’t know if the iPad would even support such a thing.

  2. Fills a need? Are you being facetious?

    There are already many other MIDI interface options for the iPad/IPhone that have been available since 2011. The iRig also is capable of charging your device, so the iPad does support such a thing.

    1. Been using my iRig on my iPhone for the last year and it works wonderfully, unfortunately the Griffin doesn’t add anything new :o(

      1. I just bought an ipad and am looking to control two keyboards via Set List. I’m still checking out interfaces.

        So far, iConnectMidi looks like the simplest, surest solution. But it’s not cheap. I’d love a cheaper way, as money is very tight right now.

        Do you, or anyone here, have experience controlling two keyboards with the camera kit or iRig?


  3. Does seem to be a rather redundant technology, you can just plug a $5 USB Midi connector into the apple camera connectivity kit and you are away, no need for this unless it is less than $30. MIDI docks are far more important, that apple connector is not made for the movement that a control surface endures (especially if it is a 3D control surface using accelerometers)

      1. With the camera connection kit, this works for me:
        Or you can try a cheaper version, and pay only $4.22

        To hook an iPad to a desktop, you’ll need a pair of the USB-to-MIDI things, plus a gender bender (or two):

        I was able to pick up the benders at the local music shop for less than the Amazon price.

        The state of iPhone MIDI connectors is pretty bad, IMO. There’s really not that much that needs to be inside of them; I can’t believe there’s more than $5 of hardware in these things.

        There’s a knockoff camera connector that might work ($3.00). If you’re willing to scrounge, you can make things work fairly cheaply.

          1. Have one just like that. Works perfectly until I start using the mod wheel, pitch bend or aftertouch. As soon as I do that, the interface starts spitting garbage until I unplug it. I guess it does not like to send messages too fast.
            Could be a cheap chinese knockoff.

  4. Let me guess, to connect this griffin product to an ipad inside a griffin survivor case, you will still need to saw off parts of the plastic shell of the survivor case? The case only accepts the charger 30pin cable, but not, for example, the cam connection kit, or a line6 mobilizer ii. Griffin made a big mistake with an otherwise ok protective case. I would call on everyone to boycott this interface just to make them redesign their survivor case. Until then, keep sawing and modding.

  5. I was thinking it looked pretty bulky until I realized the promo image is stretched. The iPad looks really wide aspect.

  6. Why are the current iPad MIDI interfaces so expensive?

    Are they using gold connectors or something? Why can’t they make these for $20-30?

  7. To those disliking my comments, its your right, but its obvious you have never used an ipad in a live performance situation.

  8. To Mho:
    it’s obvious you are bitter that you bought a bad product and it’s also obvious that it is entirely possible to perform with an ipad without using a griffin survivor case. Lighten up and try to not seem so clueless.

    1. Hehe. Go and perform with your unprotected ipad. Well see whos clueless once the drinks start flowing. Not bitter, just user experience.

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